College of Law Accomplishments

Professor Bridy Presents on Copyright and the Fearless Girl/Charging Bull Controversy

Professor Annemarie Bridy recently presented her work-in-progress on the Fearless Girl/Charging Bull public art controversy at the University of Washington, the University of Michigan, and UC Irvine.  The controversy arose last Spring when State Street Global Advisors installed a commissioned sculpture of a life-sized “tween” girl in Bowling Green Park in Manhattan, opposite Arturo DiModica’s […]

Professor Bridy Quoted on Hate Speech on the Internet

Professor Annemarie Bridy was quoted in an article in The Verge (Why the alt-right can’t build an alt-internet) about post-Charlottesville decisions by domain name registrars (GoDaddy, Google, Namecheap)  and content delivery networks (Cloudflare) to deny the Daily Stormer services essential to operating online.

Professor Bridy Joins Statement Condemning DHS Plans to Demand Social Media Passwords at Borders

Along with dozens of human rights organizations and scores of experts in the field of law and technology, Professor Annemarie Bridy signed on to a statement released on Tuesday by the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) condemning a plan floated by the Department of Homeland Security to demand that visitors to the United States […]

Professor Bridy Comments on the End of the Copyright Alert System & Next Steps for the Copyright Industries

Professor Annemarie Bridy was quoted at length in a February 21 IPWatch article  on the decision by major corporate copyright holders (the MPAA and the RIAA) and their partner ISPs (Verizon, Comcast, AT&T, Cablevision, and TimeWarner) to discontinue the Copyright Alert System, a cooperative program for warning and sanctioning peer-to-peer file sharers.  In the article, […]

Professor Bridy Interviewed by Bloomberg on the Demise of the Copyright Alert System

Professor Annemarie Bridy was interviewed last week by Bloomberg Law for an article on the demise of the Copyright Alert System (CAS). The CAS was a “graduated response” copyright enforcement program in which broadband Internet access providers notified and sanctioned subscribers identified by copyright holders as infringing users of peer-to-peer file-sharing networks.  The program, a […]

Professor Bridy Participates in Copyright Small Claims Roundtable at UC Berkeley

Professor Annemarie Bridy participated last week in a convening of leading copyright scholars at the University of California Berkeley’s Center for Law & Technology to discuss a United States Copyright Office proposal to create a copyright small claims tribunal to be located in and administered by the Copyright Office. The roundtable focused on a Copyright […]

Professor Bridy Presents at Texas A&M

Professor Annemarie Bridy presented in mid-April at “IP in All the New Places,” a conference hosted by the Texas A&M School of Law. Her presentation, Policing Copyrights in the New gTLDs, was on a privately ordered regime for online copyright enforcement that operates within the Internet’s addressing system, the Domain Name System (DNS).  The DNS […]

Professor Bridy Named Affiliate Fellow at Yale ISP

Professor Annemarie Bridy has been named an Affiliate Fellow at the Yale Law School Information Society Project (ISP). Founded in 1997, the ISP is a cross-disciplinary center that explores the implications of the Internet and new information technologies for law and society. The ISP is guided by the values of democracy, development, and civil liberties. […]

Professor Bridy Presents on Online Anonymity at Yale Law School

On May 1, Professor Annemarie Bridy and her co-author, David Post, presented their draft paper on sex offender registration statutes, anonymous online speech, and the First Amendment at the Freedom of Expression Scholars Conference at Yale Law School. The conference, sponsored by the Abrams Institute for Freedom of Expression and hosted by the Yale Law […]

Professor Bridy’s Work Is Among Most-Cited IP Articles

Three law review articles by Professor Annemarie Bridy–two on copyright enforcement and one on copyright authorship and artificial intelligence–appear on a recently published list of the most-cited intellectual property articles of the last ten years. For the full list and a description of the compiler’s methodology, the post on the Written Description IP blog is […]

Professor Bridy Gives Statewide Webinar on Copyrights for SBOE

Professor Annemarie Bridy gave a webinar today for the Idaho State Board of Education in support of its statewide initiative to adopt Open Educational Resources (OER) in K-12 and post-secondary education. OERs are teaching, learning, and research resources that are in the public domain or have been released under an intellectual property license that permits […]

Professor Bridy Presents at University of Washington

Last week, Professor Annemarie Bridy participated in the annual Works In Progress for IP Scholars Colloquium (WIPIP 2016), hosted this year in Seattle by the University of Washington School of Law and its Center for Advanced Study & Research on Innovation Policy (CASRIP).  The conference brought together over 100 legal scholars from throughout the United […]

Professor Bridy Quoted on DOJ-iPhone Unlocking Controversy

Professor Bridy was interviewed last week by Ars Technica about the legal basis for the federal court order requiring Apple to write custom software for the FBI that would break the security on an iPhone belonging to San Bernardino terror suspect Syed Farook. Read the story here.

Professor Bridy Quoted on BMG v. Cox & DMCA Safe Harbors

Professor Annemarie Bridy was recently quoted in a article on BMG v. Cox, a copyright case in which the defendant, a major telecommunications provider, unsuccessfully asserted the safe harbors of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) in an attempt to shield itself from claims of secondary liability for its customers’ direct infringements through peer-to-peer […]

Professor Bridy Publishes Commentary on the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement

IP-Watch and have published an article by Professor Annemarie Bridy on the Internet service provider (ISP) safe harbor provisions of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement. Focusing on how the design of ISP safe harbors impacts Internet users and online speech, the article compares the TPP to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Professor […]

Professor Bridy Quoted on Authors Guild v. Google

Professor Annemarie Bridy was interviewed last Friday following the Second Circuit’s eagerly awaited decision in Authors Guild v. Google, which affirmed the district court’s holding that Google Book Search is protected by copyright’s fair use doctrine from claims of copyright infringement by copyright owners whose works Google scanned in toto without first obtaining authorization.  To […]

Professor Bridy Publishes Article on ABC v. Aereo

The Michigan State University Law Review has just published an article by Professor Annemarie Bridy on the now-shuttered streaming-TV service Aereo.  The article is based on a presentation she gave at the law review’s fall 2014 symposium, Public Domain(s): Law, Generating Knowledge in the Information Economy. In her article, Professor Bridy argues that the Supreme Court’s […]

Professor Bridy Presents on AI and Authorship at Columbia Law School

Professor Annemarie Bridy was an invited presenter at Columbia Law School’s Kernochan Center for Law, Media and the Arts on October 2. She participated in the Center’s Annual Symposium, “Copyright Outside the Box.”  With fellow IP and technology law scholars James Grimmelmann (Maryland) and Bruce Boyden (Marquette), Professor Bridy sat on panel discussing concepts of […]

Professor Bridy Presents at Boston University Law Review Symposium

Professor Bridy was an invited speaker last week at the Boston University Law Review Symposium on Notice and Notice Failure in IP.  The paper she presented, Three Notice Failures in Copyright Law, will be published in Volume 96 of the BU Law Review along with other papers from the symposium.  The symposium convened academics, practicing […]

Professor Bridy to Present on Fair Use at UW Copyright Conference in Seattle

Professor Annemarie Bridy will be an invited speaker on April 17th at “Fair Use in the Digital Age: The Ongoing Influence of Campbell v. Acuff-Rose‘s ‘Transformative Use’ Test” (a.k.a. “Campbell at 21″). This two-day copyright conference at the University of Washington School of Law will revisit Campbell v. Acuff-Rose (the “Pretty Woman” case) and evaluate […]

Professor Bridy Named Affiliate Scholar at Stanford CIS

Professor Annemarie Bridy has been named an Affiliate Scholar at the Stanford Law School Center for the Internet and Society (CIS) for 2014-2016. CIS is a leader in the study of the law and policy around the Internet and other emerging technologies. As an affiliate at CIS, Professor Bridy will focus on issues related to the […]

Professor Bridy Quoted by Vox on BMG v. Cox

Professor Annemarie Bridy was quoted today in a Vox article on BMG v. Cox, a case filed on November 26  involving the “repeat infringer” provision of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).  As a condition for safe harbor from secondary liability for users’ copyright infringements, the DMCA requires ISPs to adopt and reasonably implement a […]

Professor Bridy Presents at MSU on ABC v. Aereo

Professor Annemarie Bridy was an invited panelist this week at the Michigan State University Law Review’s 2014 Symposium, “Public Domain(s): Law, Generating Knowledge, and Furthering Innovation in the Information Economy.”  She presented on the aftermath and implications of the United States Supreme Court’s decision last term in ABC v. Aereo, a case involving copyrights in television programming […]

Professor Bridy’s Article on Internet Payment Blockades Accepted for Publication

Professor Annemarie Bridy’s article, Internet Payment Blockades, has been accepted for publication in the Florida Law Review. Internet payment blockades are the fruits of a long-term, evolving strategy on the part of corporate copyright and trademark owners to leave no intermediary behind when it comes to online intellectual property enforcement. Where judicial and legislative efforts […]

Professor Bridy Meets With USPTO Technical Working Group in DC

Professor Annemarie Bridy was in Washington, DC this week for a meeting of the USPTO’s Technical Working Group on improving the DMCA section 512 notice and takedown process for online copyright enforcement.  Professor Bridy, who testified on Capitol Hill last spring on the efficacy of the notice and takedown process, is a participating scholar in […]

Professor Bridy Joins USPTO Technical Working Group

Professor Annemarie Bridy has joined a section 512 technical working group convened by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA).  The working group is charged with negotiating a multi-stakeholder consensus on ways to standardize and improve the notice and takedown process specified in section 512 of […]

Professor Bridy Presents on Graduated Response at Columbia Law

Professor Annemarie Bridy gave an invited lunchtime lecture on the “graduated response” to online piracy on April 22 at the Kernochan Center for Law, Media, and the Arts at Columbia University Law School.  Professor Bridy later joined Stanley Pierre-Louis, Senior Vice President and Associate General Counsel for Intellectual Property and Content Protection at Viacom, for […]

Professor Bridy Presents at UC Berkeley on “Rightsizing Criminal Infringement Liability”

Professor Annemarie Bridy was an invited panelist on April 4 at a two-day symposium on “The Next Great Copyright Act,” sponsored by the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology and the Berkeley Technology Law Journal.  The symposium, which was attended by an audience of over 300, brought together scholars, technologists, copyright industry representatives, and artists’ […]

Professor Bridy Delivers Guest Lecture at Cardozo Law School Colloquium

Professor Annemarie Bridy was an invited lecturer on Monday, March 24 at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law Intellectual Property and Information Law Colloquium in New York City.  Professor Bridy presented to Cardozo students and IP faculty her forthcoming article on constitutional issues arising from the ex parte seizure and civil forfeiture of Internet […]

Professor Bridy Testifies before the House Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property, and the Internet

Professor Annemarie Bridy testified on March 13th at a hearing before the U.S. House Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property, and the Internet.  The subject of the hearing, one in a series dedicated to a review of the U.S. copyright system, was 17 U.S.C. 512, Title II of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of […]

Professor Bridy Lectures on Internet Domain Name Seizures at Yale Law School

Professor Annemarie Bridy delivered an invited lecture on Monday, March 3 at the Yale Law School Information Society Project (ISP). The lecture, “Carpe Omnia: Civil Asset Forfeiture in the War on Drugs and the War on Piracy,” was based on her forthcoming article in the Arizona State Law Journal, which argues that ex parte seizures […]

Professor Bridy Presents on Internet Payment Blockades

Professor Annemarie Bridy presented a paper last week on content control and speech regulation by online payment intermediaries at the 2014 Works in Progress for IP Scholars (WIPIP) Conference in Santa Clara, CA.  The two-day conference was hosted by the High Tech Law Institute at Santa Clara Law School.  An abstract of the talk can […]

Professor Bridy Quoted in Article on Invalidation of Net Neutrality Rules

Professor Annemarie Bridy has been quoted  in a news article discussing the recent decision in the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit invalidating the non-discrimination and anti-blocking provisions of the FCC’s Open Internet Rules.  The article is here.  Professor Bridy’s blog post on the ruling is here.

Professor Bridy’s Work Cited by U.S. Department of Commerce Internet Policy Task Force

Professor Annemarie Bridy’s work on the Copyright Alert System, published in the Fordham Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal in 2012, has been cited in a green paper by the United States Department of Commerce’s Internet Policy Task Force (IPTF).  The green paper, titled Copyright Policy, Creativity, and Innovation in the Digital Economy, “provides […]

Professor Bridy Elected to Chair AALS Internet and Computer Law Section

At the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) Annual Meeting in New York City last week, Professor Annemarie Bridy was elected Chair of the Internet and Computer Law Section for 2014.  She moderated the Section’s panel on The Disruptive Rise of the Mobile Internet, which explored how the shift from the open Web to the […]

Law Students and Faculty Selected for Alumni Awards for Excellence

Congratulations to the following awardees and their mentors, who received the 2013 Alumni Awards for Excellence, which recognizes graduate and law students who have achieved outstanding academic success and have demonstrated career and professional preparation. This years winners are Kendra Lotstein (Native American Law emphasis), and mentor, Annemarie Bridy; Matt Bennett, and mentor, Mark Anderson; […]

Professor Annemarie Bridy and Dean Lee Dillion Featured in Spokane Journal of Business Article

Up Close – Up Close – September 26, 2013 UI College of Law launches trademark services in Boise Legal clinic gives students ability to apply learning by assisting entrepreneurs Staff report With a goal of helping Idaho’s entrepreneurs and law students alike, the University of Idaho College of Law says it now is offering trademark […]