College of Law Accomplishments

Professor Barbara Cosens speaks at the Water Resources Conference at The University of Western Australia, Perth on The Adaptive Water Governance Project in Australia: Law as a Tool for Adaptation

Professor Barbara Cosens spoke at the Water Resources Conference at The University of Western Australia, Perth, Western Australia on April 8, 2015.  In the face of severe drought, the Council of Australian Governments developed the Intergovernmental Agreement on a National Water Initiative in 2004, with the governments of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, […]

Professor Cosens receives grant funding for study of the economics of flood control on the Columbia River

As part of a larger USGS grant through the Idaho Water Resources Research Institute, co-PI Professor Barbara Cosens has received funding for a graduate assistantship and travel for research on the economics of flood risk management in the Columbia River.  The funding will go to JD/MS student Patrick Johnson.  Patrick’s MS work in Water Resources […]

Natural Resources and Environmental Law Edition of the Idaho Law Review: Adaptive Governance and Adaptive Management

The University of Idaho College of Law just released the first annual Natural Resources and Environmental Law Edition of the Idaho Law Review (NREL-ILR). With this release, we join the ranks of the small but growing number of peer reviewed law journals. The NREL-ILR seeks an interdisciplinary focus and encourages articles of shorter length than […]

Conversations with Claire: Conjunctive Management Down Under

In both the United States and Australia, the intersection of the development of drilling technology, the conversion of a pump used in the oil field for use in water wells, and the post-World War II availability of rural electricity, led to rapid development of groundwater for irrigation beginning in the 1950’s.  The ability to tap […]

Professor Barbara Cosens lectures in the Flinders University School of the Environment in Adelaide, South Australia on the Adaptive Water Governance Project

Professor Barbara Cosens delivered a lecture to a group of faculty and graduate students at the Flinders University School of the Environment in Adelaide, South Australia on March 12.  The Adaptive Water Governance Project brings together scientists and legal scholars and stakeholders to explore opportunities to improve water governance in the face of the uncertainty […]

Water Down Under: The Goyder Line

This weekend we drove for the first time across the “Goyder Line” into Australia’s famous outback. George Goyder was the Surveyor-General of South Australia from 1861-1893. In 1864, Goyder drew the line that bears his name to mark the northern extent of potential for development of agriculture in Southern Australia.   Like the 100th Meridian […]

Conversations with Claire Down Under: Indigenous Rights to Water and Capacity Building

This week Claire and I explored the differences in Indigenous rights to water in the U.S. and Australia. The colonial and frontier history of both the United States and Australia had devastating impacts on Indigenous populations.  Similar to other areas of law, both countries began with a basis in the laws and approach to colonization […]

Professor Cosens Delivers Lecture at the Australian Centre for Agriculture and the Law

Professor Barbara Cosens spoke at the University of New England in Armidale, New South Wales as part of the lecture series at the Australian Centre for Agriculture and the Law on February 20.  UNE shares a rich agricultural history with the University of Idaho.  Professor Cosens spoke on Adaptive Water Governance to an interdisciplinary audience […]

Professor Cosens Delivers Keynote to South Australia Water Forum

Professor Barbara Cosens delivered the closing keynote address at the Goyder Institute Water Research Showcase on February 18 in Adelaide, South Australia.  The Goyder Institute was formed through a collaboration of the South Australian government and South Australia’s three universities.  Its focus is to connect water research to decision making in Australia’s most arid state.  […]

Conversations with Claire: The nature of the right to water

In the first of three conversations with UIdaho 3L law student Claire Freund on adaptability of Australian and U.S. water law introduced in an earlier blog, we explore the nature of the right to water.  Adaptability in the face of the uncertainties created by the intersection of climate change and population growth requires an overlapping […]

Resilience and the Lake Eyre Basin, Australia

One of the primary goals of my time in Australia is to apply the lessons from the Adaptive Water Governance Project that looks at six North American Water Basins to a water basin in Australia. That basin will be the Lake Eyre Basin (LEB) and will include its connections to the Great Artesian Basin, and […]

Comparative Water Law: Australia and the western United States or Conversations with Claire

University of Idaho 3L student Claire Freund is doing an internship this semester with the Environmental Defender’s Office of New South Wales (EDO NSW) in Sydney Australia.  To allow her to complete the requirements for the Natural Resources and Environmental Law emphasis, we are doing a directed study via Skype on comparison between Australian and […]

Professor Barbara Cosens heads down under to research Australian water governance

Professor Barbara Cosens has been selected as a Visiting Professor with the ANZSOG—Goyder Institute Visiting Professors Program in association with Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia, for a portion of the spring 2015 semester.  Selection for the program was part of a competitive process to identify researchers interested in “addressing the public policy challenges of […]

Kudos to Professors Barb Cosens and Stephen Miller on the Idaho Symposium on Energy in the West

The University of Idaho College of Law wishes to thank Professor Barb Cosens and Professor Stephen Miller for their months of hard work in planning and executing the inaugural Idaho Symposium on Energy in the West, which brought experts from five states together in a robust conversation about energy infrastructure choices and regional energy planning. […]

Adaptive Governance and the Columbia River Treaty: Report co-authored by Professor Barbara Cosens

The Program on Water Issues at the Munk School of Global Affairs, U. Toronto, released a report by Nigel Bankes (U. Calgary) and Barbara Cosens (U. Idaho) on Protocols for Adaptive Water Governance: The Future of the Columbia River Treaty  on October 21.  The report examines international models for achieving bounded flexibility in transboundary water governance, […]

Professor Barbara Cosens serves as Master of Ceremonies for the 10th Annual Palouse Basin Water Summit

Professor Barbara Cosens was the Master of Ceremonies for the 10th Annual Palouse Basin Water Summit on Thursday evening October 16, 2014 at the best Western University Inn, Moscow, Idaho.  The annual event is held to facilitate information sharing and a dialogue on the Palouse basin aquifers shared by the communities of Moscow, Pullman and […]

Professor Cosens discusses law and resilience at two major conferences

Professor Barbara Cosens was an invited speaker at two major conferences in September: MTNCLIM 2014 which brought together climate scientists studying the effects of climate change on mountain systems; and a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act at the University of Utah College of Law.  Professor Cosens’ role was to bring the […]

Water Adjudication in the Western United States

2014 marks the completion of two major water adjudications in the western United States: the Snake River Basin Adjudication (SRBA) in Idaho which began in 1987; and the Big Horn Adjudication in Wyoming which began in 1977.  Stream adjudication is a process of determining the relative rights of water use on a shared source for […]

Native Law Conference Speakers Share Idaho Indian Law Basics at College of Law Courtroom

On March 28, approximately 140 faculty, staff, students, practitioners, and community members gathered in the Courtroom of the Menard Law Building in Moscow to learn about Idaho Indian Law Basics at the Native Law Conference.  The day-long conference encompassed such fundamentals as federal Indian trust responsibility, tribal governments and sovereign immunity, criminal jurisdiction, taxation, the […]

Profs. Cosens and Miller engage in dialogue on urban resilience

On March 26, 2014, Professors Barbara Cosens and Stephen R. Miller engaged in an online dialogue about urban resilience with University of Louisville Louis D. Brandeis School of Law professor Tony Arnold in an event leading up to the Idaho Law Review’s April 4, 2014 symposium, which is entitled Resilient Cities:  Environment | Economy | Equity. […]

Professor Cosens engages in outreach to stakeholders in the Columbia River Basin interested in learning about the Columbia River Treaty review

With transmission of the recommendations from the to the U.S. Department of State in December 2013, and the transmission of the to the Cabinet also in December, many stakeholders in the basin seek to understand the recommendations and the next steps. On December 17, Professor Cosens joined the Oregon Public Radio program Think Out Loud […]

Professor Cosens contributes to a book on Social-Ecological Resilience and Law

Professor Barbara Cosens is lead author with Craig Stow of NOAA’s Great Lakes Environmental research Laboratory, on chapter 5 of a book on Social-Ecological Resilience and Law edited by Ahjond S. Garmestani and Craig R. Allen and just out from Columbia University Press. The chapter is on “Resilience and Water Governance: Addressing Fragmentation and Uncertainty […]

Professor Cosens Contributes to a Special Issue of Ecology and Society

Professor Barbara Cosens is lead author on two articles in the recently completed Special Feature of Ecology and Society on Law and Social-ecological Resilience. The special issue seeks to bridge the concept that ecological systems are dynamic, yet persist in states with relatively stable processes and function unless perturbed beyond a threshold, and the development […]

Professor Barbara Cosens is co-PI in development of the Native American Water Rights Settlement E-Repository

The Native American Water Rights Settlement E-Repository or NAWRS is a collection of settlement documents associated with the thirty Native American water rights settlements achieved in the United States to date. The e-repository partners include Barbara Cosens, Professor of Law, University of Idaho College of Law & Waters of the West Program; Francine Jaramillo, Senior […]

Waters of the West receives $3.1 Million NSF IGERT Grant

Professors Barbara Cosens and Jerrold Long are participants in the NSF funded Waters of the West Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship on Adaptation to change in water resources: science to inform decision-making across disciplines, cultures and scales. Research will take place in the headwaters of the Columbia River Basin and in the Biobío River […]

Countdown for the Columbia River Treaty Review

The U.S. Entity for Columbia River Treaty Review released it draft recommendation to the Department of State on the future of the Columbia River Treaty on September 20, 2013, will be taking public comment during October, and seeks to provide a final recommendation by mid-December. Professor Barbara Cosens represents the University of Idaho on the […]