College of Law Accomplishments

Clinic students Amy Johnston and Blake Harris provide holistic representation to noncitizen defendant in criminal court

Mainstreet Clinic student Amy Johnston and Immigration Clinic Blake Harris paired up to provide a noncitizen client with advice and representation about the immigration consequences of pending criminal charges.  The duo worked with the prosecutor to negotiate a resolution that protected the client’s current immigration status and options in the future.

Clinic Students Katy Higgs and Maria Vega win family court order protecting immigrant child

Katy Higgs and Maria Vega traveled to Valley County court to jointly represent a teenage client of the immigration clinic and her adult guardian through the Mainstreet Clinic.  The legal interns left the courtroom with an order that would provide much-needed protection and security for the child. At the end of the hearing, the magistrate […]

Legal Aid Clinic and Syringa Mobile Park case

The plight of the residents in the Syringa Mobile Home Park, located a couple of miles outside of the Moscow, Idaho city limits, is the center piece of Daniel Zwerdling’s December 26, 2016 piece,  “Mobile Home Park Owners Can Spoil an Affordable American Dream.” In February 2014, the University of Idaho College of Law Legal […]