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Clinic students Amy Johnston and Blake Harris provide holistic representation to noncitizen defendant in criminal court

Mainstreet Clinic student Amy Johnston and Immigration Clinic Blake Harris paired up to provide a noncitizen client with advice and representation about the immigration consequences of pending criminal charges. ┬áThe duo worked with the prosecutor to negotiate a resolution that protected the client’s current immigration status and options in the future.

Clinic Students Katy Higgs and Maria Vega win family court order protecting immigrant child

Katy Higgs and Maria Vega traveled to Valley County court to jointly represent a teenage client of the immigration clinic and her adult guardian through the Mainstreet Clinic. ┬áThe legal interns left the courtroom with an order that would provide much-needed protection and security for the child. At the end of the hearing, the magistrate […]

Immigration Clinic Provides Resources on Emerging Issues After the Presidential Election

Professor Kate Evans has been providing post-election information and resources to advocates and immigrant communities across the state and in Eastern Washington. The Immigration Clinic developed a resource for reporting bias and hate crimes in conjunction with the Idaho U.S. Attorney’s office, for use by the Boise mayor’s office and other groups. This and other […]

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Professor Kate Evans Authors Amici Curiae Brief on Behalf of Leading Global Scholars in International Refugee Law

Professor Kate Evans submitted an amici curiae brief on behalf of eight leading international refugee law scholars across five countries to the Board of Immigration Appeals. The brief addressed the proper interpretation of one of the disqualifying grounds in U.S. asylum law and is derived from Professor Evans’ research available here. The case is on […]

Professor Kate Evans Trains Latah and Whitman County Criminal Justice Officials on the Immigration Options for Victims of Crimes

On October 19, Professor Evans joined Shelli Sonnenberg of the Boise Police Department in training local police officers, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and advocates on the specific immigration benefits created for victims of crime designed to enhance relationships with immigrant communities and promote prosecution of crimes against noncitizens. The event was convened by the Whitman County […]

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