College of Law Accomplishments

Prof. Haan presents work at the inaugural Business and Human Rights Junior Scholars Conference

Associate Professor Sarah C. Haan presented a new work-in-progress at the first annual Business and Human Rights Junior Scholars Conference on September 18. Professor Haan was one of ten junior scholars from the U.S. and the U.K. invited to share her work at the conference, which was hosted by the Rutgers Center for Corporate Law […]

Professor Sarah Haan blogs about NAM v. SEC on Balkinization

Professor Sarah Haan, who writes about corporate disclosure, has published a blog post entitled, What’s Really at Stake in NAM v. SEC?  The post argues that when it rehears NAM v. SEC, the D.C. Circuit should defer to Congress’s judgment that the Conflict Minerals Rule is securities regulation, and apply rational basis review.  The post […]

Professor Haan presents disclosure paper at Yale

On May 2, Professor Sarah Haan presented a paper on compelled disclosure at the Freedom of Expression Scholars Conference at Yale Law School in New Haven, Connecticut. The third annual Freedom of Expression Scholars Conference brought together top First Amendment scholars from around the U.S., and was co-hosted by the Yale Information Society Project and […]

Northwestern U. Law Review Interviews Professor Haan on McCutcheon v. FEC and Her Recent Essay, “The CEO and the Hydraulics of Campaign Finance Deregulation”

Northwestern University Law Review has posted a podcast interview of Professor Sarah Haan.  The interview addresses McCutcheon v. FEC and the Supreme Court’s continuing deregulation of campaign finance, and explores themes from her recent essay, “The CEO and the Hydraulics of Campaign Finance Deregulation,” which was published in the Northwestern University Law Review Online.   […]

Professor Haan Writes Article on Corporate Political Spending Disclosure and Citizens United

Professor Sarah Haan has written an article, “Voter Primacy,” about corporate political spending disclosure, the First Amendment, and Citizens United v. FEC.  The article is forthcoming in the Fordham Law Review.  It is available for download from SSRN here. Here is the abstract: This Article argues that Citizens United v. FEC expanded the constitutionally-cognizable audience […]

Professor Haan Blogs About the Fourth Annual CPA-Zicklin Index

Professor Sarah Haan has posted a blog on the CLS Blue Sky Blog, Columbia Law School’s blog on corporations and the capital markets, here. In the blog post, “Which Comes First: “(Investor) Accountability” or “(Public) Disclosure)”? The Fourth Annual CPA-Zicklin Index,” Professor Haan critiques the fourth installment of the annual ranking of top publicly-held companies […]

Faculty Meet for Inland Northwest Scholars Forum

Faculty from the University of Idaho College of Law and Gonzaga Law School met on July 14, 2014 for the second annual Inland Northwest Scholars Forum. They presented drafts and plans for articles in progress to exchange constructive feedback and discuss their projects. In addition, they were able to network with colleagues at the other universities. The […]

Associate Professor Sarah Haan Blogs About Hobby Lobby

Associate Professor Sarah Haan has published a guest blog about Monday’s 5-4 Supreme Court decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby on the Business Law Professors Blog.  The link is here:

Professors Couture and Haan Present Papers at National Business Law Scholars Conference

On June 19 and 20, Professor Wendy Gerwick Couture [] and Professor Sarah Haan [] presented papers at the National Business Law Scholars Conference at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, in Los Angeles, California. Professor Couture participated in the Securities Litigation panel.  She discussed her article, “Materiality and a Theory of Legal Circularity,” which is […]

Professors Couture and Haan Present Papers at Law and Society Annual Meeting

On May 29 and 30, Professor Wendy Gerwick Couture and Professor Sarah Haan presented papers at the Law and Society Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Both papers were included in the programming organized by the “Corporate and Securities Law in Society” Collaborative Research Network.  Professor Couture participated on the “Market Information and Mandatory Disclosures” panel.  […]

Professors Sarah Haan and Aman McLeod Discuss Money in Politics and McCutcheon v. FEC

Associate Professor of Law Sarah Haan gave a presentation about McCutcheon v. FEC and the deregulation of campaign finance to about forty law students, faculty, and members of the public on Thursday evening at the College of Law.   The program was entitled, “McCutcheon v. FEC:  The Next Citizens United?”  Professor Haan was joined in […]

Professor Sarah Haan Publishes Article on the Political Spending of Privately-Held Business Entities in Federal Elections

Professor Sarah Haan, who teaches business law and writes about corporate political speech, has placed a forthcoming article with the University of Cincinnati Law Review.  Her article, “Opaque Transparency: Outside Spending and Disclosure by Privately-Held Business Entities in the 2012 Federal Election and Beyond,” analyzes empirical evidence from the 2012 election and argues for reforms […]