College of Law Accomplishments

Prof. Rumel’s Article on Public Employment Law and the First Amendment has Been Accepted for Publication

Professor John Rumel has placed his article, "Public Employee Speech:  Answering the Unanswered and Related Questions in Lane v. Frank,"   in an upcoming volume of the Hofstra Labor and Employment Law Journal ("HLELJ") at Hofstra University School of Law.  The article analyzes and answers a number of questions either expressly left open or raised by the Supreme Court's 2014 public employee speech decision in Lane v. Frank.  The HLELJ has long been one of the top-rated specialty journals in the labor and employment field, according to the Washington & Lee School of Law Journal Rankings.  As part of the publication offer, Professor Rumel will speak at the HLELJ's annual Symposium on Labor and Employment Law in January 2017.  He would like to thank former College of Law student Pat Fackrell and current College of Law student Emily Joyce for their assistance on the article.