Professor Bridy co-authored (with David G. Post of Temple University) a  law professors' amicus brief, filed Friday in the Second Circuit, in the case of Viacom v. YouTube. The case is on appeal, now for the second time, from a grant of summary judgment for YouTube in the Southern District of New York. The amicus brief, which was signed by 31 professors--among them some of the most prominent IP and Internet law scholars in the United States and Canada, supports affirmance of the district court's decision.  At stake is the scope of the statutory safe harbor for online service providers in section 512(c) of the Copyright Act, which exempts service providers who comply with a "notice and takedown" framework from liability for the copyright infringements of their users. Viacom has argued, so far unsuccessfully, that YouTube should not be entitled to the safe harbor because it willfully blinded itself to facts and circumstances from which its users' infringing activity was apparent. A copy of the brief (with seven other amicus briefs filed in support of affirmance) can be found here, along with a more detailed description of the case and other filings.