Arequipa at Monasterio - compressedAt its annual meeting in Arequipa Peru last week, the International Academy for the Study of the Jurisprudence of the Family elected Professor Pimentel to its Executive Board. Professor Pimentel has presented papers at Academy conferences in recent years (in Tel Aviv and New York City), and was inducted as a member of the Academy last fall.Speaking in Arequipa The election took place at the Academy's annual conference in Peru, where Professor Shaakirrah Sanders also appeared, presenting her paper on "The Gay Divorcee" -- exploring the implications of the Supreme Court's failure to acknowledge the availability of divorce in its same-sex marriage decision last year. Professor Sanders' panel also featured Professor Robin Fretwell Wilson of Univ. of Illinois, who visited University of Idaho to speak on balancing religious rights against the rights of the LGBT community in the various states earlier this year. Professor Pimentel moderated that panel, and made a presentation of his own on "Judging Parents," decrying a culture and a legal system too quick to blame and condemn parents anytime something bad happens to their children.