Professor Pimentel, who has written several articles advocating reform of civil forfeiture laws, was quoted in a Huffington Post article yesterday ("More Than A Dozen States Are Trying To Stop Cops From Taking Innocent People’s Stuff") discussing state-level reform reform initiatives. A number of states, as well as the federal government, have made attempts at forfeiture reform, but law enforcement agencies (and possibly the Trump administration) steadfastly oppose such reforms, and some of the bills that have passed promise only limited impact. The quotes from Professor Pimentel, in this instance, offer some perspective on the issue, acknowledging the legitimacy of law enforcement's concerns, even has he continues to call for reform on both the federal and state levels. Professor Pimentel's forthcoming article will detail the reforms attempted in the various states and will analyze which have been effective, and which -- though well intentioned -- may have missed the mark. The issue is a timely one, as the Idaho state legislature is expected to take up the issue of forfeiture reform in the current session.