On Monday, February 27, 2017, Professor Pimentel testified before the Idaho House Committee on Judiciary, Rules and Administration in favor of House Bill 202, which would reform civil asset forfeiture procedure in the state of Idaho. Specifically, the law imposes a number of limitations on law enforcement, to ensure that property owners are not too easily victimized by law enforcement practices in this area -- which permit the seizure of such assets based solely on probable cause, without any requirement that the suspected criminal conduct be proven. Professor Pimentel has published several articles about forfeiture procedure, advocating reforms consonant with those proposed in House Bill 202. While Professor Pimentel advocated far more sweeping reforms than those contemplated in this bill, and noted that Idaho still lags far behind a number of other states that have taken bolder steps to curb potential abuse of the procedure, he opined that this is a step in the right direction. Shortly after the testimony was taken, the Committee voted to approve the bill, and the full House approved it later in the week.