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The Facade of a 3L

I made it to the Promised Land folks! I’m finally in my third year of law school. Bar review is around the bend and so is the infamous state bar exam. There’s an underlying story to the title of this blog: “The Facade of a 3L.” During my first two years of law school I always […]

A Small Town Law Student’s Perspective On Washington D.C.

  I was fortunate enough to be awarded the Nick Theos Scholarship from the Public Lands Council and attend its legislative conference in Washington D.C. last week. I was proud to represent the University of Idaho College of Law as well as the Idaho Agriculture Law Society and the State of Nevada. In addition, I […]

How to Keep the Stress at Bay

With exams looming in little over a month for all of us, graduation for 3L’s, and summer externships for the 2L’s, there’s a lot to think about. There’s also a lot of stress. After three years of law school, stress has become a daily part of my existence. Even on my best days, I’ll still […]

Law School Family

When I tell people I am in law school, they respond with either “I’ve seen law students, they never leave the library” to “do you ever have time to do anything but read?” People generally ask about exams, grades, and whether you read as much as they’ve heard. I laugh and answer their questions, “We […]

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What is “Success”?

Growing up, many of us have had the opportunity to meet with, learn from, and maybe even work with successful people. The working-world encourages people to succeed, but does not define what “success” is, or even explain how to achieve it. Most prominently, the working class categorizes people as successful based on their wealth or […]

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The Other Part of Law School: Interviews and Marketing Yourself

There’s no doubt about it, grades matter in law school. Your G.P.A. from semester to semester is a reflection of your willingness to learn, reflect, and improve. And we all know that cramming before the night of the final usually doesn’t lead to optimal results. But grades won’t solidify your chances of landing a good […]

Persistence and Dedication

Phew! A new year and a new semester is upon us. For the last week or so I’ve been hearing the same phrase over and over again: New year, new me. While this saying might provide inspiration for some and help them to accomplish those pesky resolutions, it isn’t going to be my motto as […]

Reflections on Break

Winter break is for many law students, a breath of fresh air. Fall semester, like any in law school, is demanding. Between outlining, preparing for classes, clinics, pro bono hours, and more, the pace is almost unrelenting. So when we are given three weeks off, it’s understandable that we don’t want to think about work […]

What Our Open Door Policy Really Means

One of the things that I always tell students when we go on tours is that our professors have an open door policy. As we walk through the halls, there are many a door open wide or propped open. It’s our professors’ way of telling us that they’re in their office, and that we are […]

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Five Weeks In…

Five weeks into the semester, and you might find yourself thinking, “is it over yet?” The surprising answer is; the end is closer than you might realize. With final exams around the second week of December, two months will go by fairly fast. Thus, this blog seeks to discuss some goals that might be worth […]

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Develop Your Strategy For 1L Year

With the start of the semester a few weeks away, this post offers advice on some strategies to consider to get the most out of your law school experience. To begin with, it’s important to consider the WHY for attending law school. Whether you are 1L or a 3L, knowing the purpose behind the effort […]

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Goals to Think About This Summer

Summer, thankfully, is in full swing. For those have recently received their acceptance letter from the University of Idaho College of Law, congratulations! To those students who have completed their first or second year of law school, well done!  The time, effort, and dedication it takes to be a law student is substantial. While the […]

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It’s ‘Not Goodbye’, It’s ‘I’ll See you Later’

Going into law school, you don’t think you’re going to meet the people that will stay with you forever, friends, professors, even significant others or future spouses. Everyone who is in this legal education bubble with you plays their own role in this piece of your life. When it all comes to an end during […]

“Sweet, I’m Going to Law School – – Now What?!”

I am assuming by now that most of the students reading these blog posts are either admitted to the University of Idaho College of Law or anxiously awaiting that phone call from Director Wells. As such – I am sure that most of you have made the decision, bit the bullet, ate the soup, gone […]

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Work Life Balance

Law school is an interesting roller coaster. The pressure to study and do well gets tied in with outside obligations. Having a true balance of what is most important is key. Sometimes, we have family obligations but also have to prepare for class. What is more important? Going to class prepared is crucial! But, at […]

What the University of Idaho College of Law has to offer…..

When my family and I moved to Moscow, for me to attend law school, I worried at the time that I would suffer a major disadvantage because many of the students were younger and did not have a family at home. What I didn’t realize was that attending law school with my family was actually […]

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Wrapping Up My 2L Year

In exactly a month from today I will finish my second year of law school. To be completely honest, I am anxious to be done. I know, I know! Everyone tells me, “Enjoy the process,” “You’re going to miss this once you graduate!” Maybe I will miss this in a few years. But for now, […]

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Summer time is coming, what are your plans?

One of the best things about the University of Idaho, College of Law is the opportunities that are available for students during the summer. Roughly a year ago I consulted Professor Ramalingam about participating in an Externship. Not being from the area, I did not have any ties to the legal community other than what I […]

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Advice I would give my 1L self…

When I was first accepted to law school I was ecstatic. I immediately began reading and watching anything that had to do with law school to try to get a better understanding and prepare myself for what I would soon go through in the next three years. Now that I am almost exactly a month […]

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Three years seems like a long time

As a 1L sitting in Professor Beard’s property class, I remember thinking that 3 years was a long time and that I had made a horrible mistake. That 1L year seemed to drag on and on. Then the summer of my 1L year came and I looked back on the year and couldn’t believe it […]

Preparing For Graduation

As of today there are 38 days until graduation. The idea that my academic career is almost over is incredibly surreal. But preparing to graduate comes with its own deal of stress (doesn’t everything in law school). But this is good stress, exciting stress and at times kind of scary stress. To think that after […]

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The Power of Networking

In the last semester of my law degree, I chose to go out into the real world (sorta) and do a Semester in Practice. That is a semester long externship in which I work as a limited licensed attorney and get school credit for it. During this internship, I have met many attorneys that also […]

Practical Experience

While your 1L year is filled with endless doctrinal classes, your 2L year you get to choose your own class schedule. In my case, I chose to take numerous experiential learning classes that would allow me to enhance my practical skills. Two of these classes are Lawyering Process and Advanced Legal Writing. Lawyering Process gives […]

Lessons Learned

I can’t believe that in a few short weeks I will officially be a 3L. I cannot believe how fast this mini journey has flown. From case briefing to understanding the rule of the case to resume building, the last (almost) 2 years have been scary, hard, and, dare I say, great! I often think […]

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Student Debt and the Art of Living Like a Law Student

I recently completed my student loan exit counseling, which is both exciting and frightening. Exciting because it means I will soon be done with law school and on to my legal career. Frightening because a large amount of the proceeds of my early legal career will be used to pay down the debt incurred to […]

Real World Experience with a Safety Net

Lately the fact that I am about to enter the real world has been very real for me. Unlike some of my classmates, I have always been a student. This worked in my favor at times, I did not have to adjust to the student life, living at the library and being home sometimes only […]

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The Best Decision I’ve Ever Made…

After 5 semesters of late night studying, writing, and the never-ending stress of finals, I decided to spend my last semester of law school in a semester-in-practice (SIP). SIP is a program where you work for class credits in lieu of taking classes. Not only do you gain invaluable experience working in the legal community […]

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The most magical place on earth, the library.

The most magical place on earth, the library   The Albert R. Menard building may be the most terrifying place on the whole planet. Especially if you are a law student. It is in this building that you will sit for three years trying to learn what you need to know to be an attorney. […]


Last month, I had the honor of attending the Latino/a Bar Association of Washington (LBAW) Gala in Seattle, Washington as a scholarship recipient. I had never attended a gala before in my life, so I was beyond nervous. What do you wear? Do you take a date? Where am I supposed to park in downtown […]

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Tips to Staying Healthy in Law School

Before coming to law school, I taught preschool for children ages 2-4 years old. In getting them ready for kindergarten, I corralled the little ones into what may have looked like educational organized chaos. There were many of them and they got into everything. Needless to say they also spread germs like wildfire. If one […]

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Too much classroom, not enough practicum?

After 5 semesters in the classroom, and 8 semesters before that in my undergrad, I was very done with going to class. In fact, the thought of another semester in the classroom almost made me sick. Not that the teachers are bad or the students either. It was just time. I was completely over the […]

The SIP Life

When I was looking into the opportunities offered by different law schools I noticed that not many schools were emphasizing their semester in practice programs as much as the University of Idaho. This struck me as very odd, especially considering the fact that all these institutions were constantly preaching about the necessity to get involved […]

Two locations, a world of opportunities

Attending school at University of Idaho College of Law opens the door to far more than just classroom instruction. As a student you get frequent invitations to various continuing legal education (CLE) events as well as the opportunity to network with members of our legal community. One of the cool things about having two campuses, is […]

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3L Exams

Preparing for finals feels like it should eventually become a less stressful process. This is, after all, my fifth semester of exams. It’s also my lightest exam load since starting law school. Somehow this familiarity and lighter load has not resulted in any fewer long days or any less stress. I have come to discover […]

What I’ve Learned This Semester

Being in law school does not mean the world around you stops. On the contrary, everything is happening but as a law student it is hard to realize it with your nose in the books all day. This semester has been one of the most challenging semesters for me thus far. Not just because of […]

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Crossing the finish line

As the end of my second to last semester as a law student draws near to the end, I find myself not wanting to do anything but watch Netflix at home. While this is not a new feeling and I have in fact felt it often during my time as a law student, the feeling […]

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Winter is Coming

Winter is coming, which in law school world means finals are also coming. As I put the final touches on my outlines and gear up for practice exams, I realize how hard and rewarding this semester has been. During my 1L year I did not take on any extracurricular activities, except tabling for BARBRI an […]

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You Are More Than an LSAT Score

The moment had finally arrived. I sat in the University of Idaho undergraduate library, looking at my computer screen, with a blank stare on my face. There on the screen in front of me was the email I had been anxiously waiting for months to receive – the results of my LSAT test were just […]

A quick trip to Las Vegas

The University of Idaho employs many students as Student Ambassadors, to help provide great service to prospective students across the nation. Student Ambassadors talk with students over the phone, give tours of the College of Law’s facilities in Moscow and Boise, and attend events to attract the right students to our school. Last week, I […]

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When the Opportunity Arises

I recently got back from attending a Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation (RMMLF) Conference on the Endangered Species Act in Denver, Colorado. I was at the conference for three days and am so appreciative I had the opportunity to attend the event. There were a series of conferences being held by the RMMLF in the […]

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NLLSA Moot Court and the LLC

Law school can get super busy and hectic at times. But sometimes, as counterintuitive as it may seem, adding activities outside of law school may be very beneficial. I’ve tried yoga, club volleyball, and odd jobs, like babysitting; all of which were hard while being in school, and I realized that maybe law school clubs where the […]

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…and 3rd Year they bore you to death?

Everyone knows the infamous saying about law school: First year they scare you to death, Second Year they work you to death, and Third year they bore you to death. I can tell you there is some truth to this, except for the last part because there is no time to be bored. You would […]

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2L Fun

At the end of my 1L year, I decided to take five credits during the summer to make my 2L Fall easier. This was a great idea, but being a law student it is very rare to have an easy semester. After I completed the five credits during the summer, I had a less than […]

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The Future

If you are a nerd, or have looked at Facebook in the last week or so, you probably know that October 21, 2015, was Back to the Future Day. Sure things may not have turned out the way that the movie predicted, for example we don’t have hoverboards or flying cars, but we do have […]

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My senior year of high school, everyone was talking about senioritis. Urban Dictionary defines senioritis as, “noun. A crippling disease that strikes high school seniors. Symptoms include: laziness, an over-excessive wearing of track pants, old athletic shirts, sweatpants, athletic shorts, and sweatshirts. Also features a lack of studying, repeated absences, and a generally dismissive attitude. […]

Preparation v. Procrastination

I have always heard that 3L year is the easiest year of law school, and this has proved to be both true and false. On one hand, law school gets easier as you get used to the demands place on you. Cases get easier to read, legal research becomes more efficient, legal writing becomes more […]

My Summer

This summer I was an intern at Halverson Northwest Law Group located in Yakima, Washington. Interning at Halverson was a great experience and a great office that kept me pretty busy all summer. I am from the Yakima Valley, so working and living at home for the summer was a great. At Halverson, I received […]

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The 6 Ps of Law School

I had the same band director from middle school through my first two years of college at a community college. It was a happy arrangement where he taught at my middle/high school and at the community college where I started. Sometimes I look around, startled that I am here in law school, a place I […]

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My Cultural Transition to Law School

Law school is a new world, full of fears and hopes of the unknown. In the midst of conversations about torts and criminal procedure, I have come to realize that I am in this huge cultural transition where I am evolving into an “educated woman of color,” whatever that really means. In reality, I am […]

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Law school with a Family

Law school can be tough. Most people have to learn a new way to read, think and act. Throw a family into that mix and, at first, it can be borderline devastating. My family is extremely supportive; they did leave their friends, school and job, behind so that we could take this adventure called law […]

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Warming up to fall in Boise

The fifth week of school is now underway, and with the leaves starting to turn, it feels like Fall at the College of Law. The new location in Boise has to be seen to be believed. With the trees of our palatial front lawn starting to change colors, it is a delight to arrive at the campus each day. The […]

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Summer has come to an end…

This summer has been incredibly busy! I obtained my limited law license in Idaho so that I could work at a personal injury law firm in Boise as a legal intern. This turned out to be a great decision because the law firm has kept me busy drafting pleadings, discovery, attending mediations and hearings, and […]

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The Booming Boise Program

Anybody who is looking into attending law school in the great state of Idaho has surely heard about the University of Idaho College of Law’s program in the state’s capital—Boise. As a prospective law student three years ago, I remember hearing all the students, faculty, and staff rave about how great the program in Boise was […]

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A Summer To Remember

I’ve been home now for a little less than a month. Back to the grind beginning my 3L year and I’m not quite sure how the summer flew by so quickly. Maybe it was because of my clerkship with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), my dream job, experiencing a fast paced city for three months, […]

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Springtime on the Palouse

One of the great things about attending the U of I College of Law is that you get the chance spend springtime on the Palouse. Today, the weather is absolutely beautiful-blue skies, sun shining, flowers blossoming, and the fields are green. The lilac bushes are blooming, and smell wonderful. Sure, the weather here can sometimes […]

Home away from Home: How the Carrel System at the University of Idaho Sets Every Student Up for Success

Many of your professors will tell you that Law in a noble profession, which is a very true statement. However, no one tells you this piece of truth: the day-to-day life of a law student does not feel noble. No one gets enough sleep, everyone is struggling to stay mentally and physically healthy, and not […]

Bye Bye Moscow…

As I prepare to roll my calendar over to the month of April I can’t help but get excited for my upcoming move to Boise. For the last six years of my life, between undergraduate studies and the first two years of law school, I have called Moscow my home. Don’t get me wrong, I […]

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Wow. That went by fast…

I can’t believe graduation is officially less than two months away. I still have the voicemail from Carole Wells on March 14, 2012, saved . . . the voicemail that completely changed the direction of my life. That voicemail, informing me that I had been accepted into the University of Idaho College of Law graduating […]

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My Three Year Journey

Having been out of school and in the workforce for three years prior to coming to law school, my first question when I set foot in the University of Idaho’s Menard Law Building was, “How am I going to succeed?” We have all heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Based […]

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The root of all law school evil/problems.

Some say that money is the root of all evil in the world today. While I am in no position to argue about that as a poor law student, I will tell you about the root of all evil/ problems in law school. No, it is not the professors, exams, books, or even the administration […]

Do Your Best and Finish Strong

I remember my first year of law school like it was yesterday. I was anxious, nervous, excited, and scared—not to mention that I felt completely incompetent and stupid. It was definitely an uncomfortable stretching and molding process. Now, in my last semester of my 3L year, I’m amazed to look back and realize that I’m […]

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My Favorite Quotes

“Remember how far you’ve come, not just how far you have to go. You are not where you want to be, but neither are you where you used to be”. – Anonymous “When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new”. – Dalai Lama […]

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Half a Lawyer!

It is surreal being back in school after winter break. It’s always a rough adjustment coming back after three weeks away but I realized, I am halfway done! In one sense, it’s so exciting and keeps my driven. On the other hand, it means I am that much closer to the real world where my […]

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Lawyer Jokes

I don’t know about you, but it seems that as soon as someone finds out I am in law school they begin rattling off all the lawyer jokes they know. Recently a man I met while trick-or-treating with my children, ended his list of lawyer jokes with this one:   Q: How many lawyer jokes […]

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The Final Stretch

The final months of my law school career are here! The excitement is almost uncontrollable, and questions about my life after law school have been coming in from everyone who has been apart of my academic journey since I first enrolled here. What kind of law do you want to specialize in? Will you stay […]

The Bar Exam is fast approaching

I’m going to go ahead and say it: time flies! I cannot believe it is already my last semester of law school. It feels like it was such a short time ago that I was a scared 1L with no idea what to expect. Lucky for me, this experience has been a great one. All […]

Pro Bono Success

One of the requirements to graduate from the College of Law is completing forty hours of Pro-Bono work. I have known about this requirement since I began school but for the first two years of school treated it like a problem for future Greg. As my 3L year began I finally faced the fact that […]

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The Difference between 1L and 2L Year and the Importance of Getting Involved

Getting through the mid terms for my third semester in law school has prompted me to reflect on how much life has changed since I took my first law school midterms, a year ago.  My personal life is not much different, and school really isn’t that much different either.  I think the major change has […]

The Mid-October Plague

I think it is necessary to preface this article with the disclaimer that I have never written, read, nor really even thought about blogs. With that being said, I think I have come up with some “knowledge” to spread for the prospective law students of all ages. I will leave the question of whether this […]

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The Scheduled Family

Week seven already!!! I cannot believe that we are half way through this semester. It seems like I just started yesterday, but I guess that is what happens when every day is filled with classes, meetings, and homework. For me, the one thing missing out of that list is family. It is easy to put […]

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Walla Walla , WA Trip

Went on a recruitment trip to Walla Walla, Washington with fellow ambassador Sarah Boothman.  Got lost.  Saw a Camel.  It was awesome.  That is all.

3L Life in the City of Trees

Law school life in Boise is far exceeding my expectations. The Boise campus offers a completely different law school experience than in Moscow. I will be the first to admit that it was difficult settling into a routine when school started in Boise this fall. A new building, new professors, and new student transfers from […]

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Waiting to be Bored to Death

We have all heard the saying that, “the first year they scare you to death, the second year they work you to death, and the third year they bore you to death.” There is some truth to that, but it is not all true. First year: Yes, professors scared us to death. I remember my […]

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Be true to yourself

As we roll into the second month of school, the work load is picking up and so is the advice. I’m sure all of you have already heard plenty of advice of how to be a successful law student. From how to prepare to the LSAT to how to take your first exams, most law […]

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Exercise: An Ingredient for Success

I love to cook. When I was growing up, nearly every Sunday afternoon I was in the kitchen putting together some kind of delectable treat that my family and I could enjoy. I learned, sometimes the hard way, that recipes are not only helpful, but sometimes essential for success. Sure, there are great chefs who […]

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And We’re Back!

And might I say in full force. Only a couple weeks into the game of my second year of law school has already proven to hold its challenges. And for me right now the first hurdle to overcome is time management. After my spring semester of my first year. I thought I had it down: […]

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Natural Resource Field Course

This summer the University of Idaho College of Law began a pilot Natural Resource and Environmental Law (NREL) Field Course.  The course is offered the week before school starts—the same week as trial advocacy—and is geared toward students in the NREL emphasis or graduate students in the College of Natural Resources.  Students in the course […]

Make the most of today

I am anxious to start my 3L year of law school, because when I close my eyes and concentrate really hard, I can almost feel my law degree in my hands.  I can’t wait until graduation!  Just two little semesters stand between me and my J.D.  But I have to remind myself of something that […]

Thinking back a year

I can’t believe it has been an entire year! I know we all say this but it really does fly by. One year ago, I couldn’t wait quit my jobs and begin a new chapter in my life. I was both excited and frightened to begin law school. Of course, I made the mistake of […]

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Best Staff Ever!

Practicing attorneys learn real quick that making the clerk happy is just as important, if not more, than making the judge happy. They control a lot of what is going on and you do not want to be on their bad side! Like a judge’s clerk, the University of Idaho has staff members to assist […]

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From classroom to internship

It’s the summer! And although that means taking time to enjoy friends, family and the nice weather, it also means it’s time to put what I have been learning the last few years into practice. This summer I am working at an environmental non-profit in Boise that works to protect clean air, water, and open […]

Last week of the semester

Another semester down and we are getting ready for finals.  Papers, hopefully at this point, are long since done. There are no more reading assignments.  There are no more projects.  However, this does not mean there is no more work.  Actually, it means the opposite.  This is the time to perfect outlines, take practice tests, […]

My impending move to Boise!

Last night I officially registered for the beginning of my 3L year at the College of Law. Although this sounds cliché, it feels like only yesterday that I was sitting in room 104 during Early Welcome listening to Professor Beard discuss the ins and outs of law school. But here I am! The end is […]

The Honor of Law School

There have been many milestones in the path of law school so far and still more to come. I remember the work I put in to taking the LSAT. I remember the long hours filling out applications to law schools and providing all the correct transcripts and forms. There was great excitement with the acceptance […]

It Gets Better!

There is no way around it—the first year of law school is miserable. I still have the cases names and memories of law professors relentlessly pressing the smallest details of each case fused in my head. Outside of the class wasn’t much better as I spent nearly all my free time studying. In fact, all […]

When in law school, don’t neglect yourself!

Hello again! Spring has sprung here in Moscow: the sun is finally out, the snowdrops are blooming, and daffodils are soon to follow. For law students, all of these things mean one thing: spring break has passed and graduation is just weeks away. For many third year students this instills and generates both a sense […]

A Non-Traditional Law School Experience

The other day, someone said to me, “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you actually enjoy law school.” I replied emphatically, “I do!” And it’s true. I have enjoyed my time at the University of Idaho College of Law immensely. In thinking that I would be writing this blog, I tried to pinpoint why […]


For those who want to become lawyers, those in law school, and those practicing law, life is full of questions. The one that I speak of and have encountered many times, prior to law school, in law school, and during an externship I had this past summer, is why. Why would you want to become […]

The Bar Application

Hello!  Just in case you did not see my profile on the Ambassador’s page, my name is Ashley Ray.  I am in my final semester of law school and couldn’t be more excited to graduate!  The spring semesters typically seem to move quicker than the fall semesters, but this particular semester is flying by!  Spring […]

The Best Faculty

This week sure made me appreciate the University of Idaho–College of Law faculty. Last week my dream agency began accepting applications, but were only accepting them for one week. Because this was the job of my dreams, I wanted everything to be perfect. Luckily I am at the University of Idaho–College of Law and between […]

My Family and I

Howdy y’all, this is Nii-Amaa, also known as Nii. I wanted to share my awesome experiences with the wonderful people here at the University of Idaho College of Law. Richard Bach once stated “The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.” For […]

Law School Ambassadors Program

It’s tough to follow up on some of the great blog posts you’ll see here! I hope prospective students read many of the great posts about the law school organizations and law school success strategies. I want to talk about something else – a “pilot” program instituted by the University of Idaho just this year, […]

Turning a Quarter Century

Last week, I turned 25. Three years ago to the day, I was sitting in a Starbucks in London (maybe using them for their WiFi and drinking the free refills on tea…) checking my email. I had applied to the University of Idaho prior to leaving to study abroad, and I checked my email several […]

Spring Semester is Finally Here!

Hello potential Vandal! I’m Robert and I havethe great pleasure of welcoming you to Spring Semester 2014 at the University of Idaho College of Law. As a third year law student, I am quickly coming to terms with the fact that this will be my final semester at the University of Idaho College of law. […]

New Beginnings

I love January!  It is not because I am an avid fan of winter sports.  In fact, the one and only time I went skiing I ended up with more sore muscles than I knew I had.  The real reason I like January is because it is the beginning of a year of possibilities just […]

After Finals

It is funny how perspectives change after finals.  Before they began, all I wanted was for my finals to be evenly spaced out as far as possible into finals weeks to give me enough time to procrastinate and study—mostly in equal measure.  However, being in finals week, all you want is for them to be […]

Finishing Strong

The leaves have fallen, the first snow has come, the sun now sets at 5:00 p.m., and the semester is winding down. This time of year can send an average law student into a whirlwind of emotions. Many students are able to breathe a temporary sigh of relief over Thanksgiving break and remember what it […]

Preparing for Final Exams

Preparing for final exams is stressful; there’s no other way to put it. I remember feeling so surprised at how early law school students began exam preparation during my first year. And now, as a 2L, I’m learning that finals preparation is really done best when worked on throughout the entire semester. The amount of […]

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Competition in my life as a “2L”

Hey guys! A great part of my second year of law school just got finished! I had the opportunity to participate in the 25th Annual McNichols Appellate Advocacy Program. What does that mean??? McNichols is our school’s intramural moot court competition. We learn about appellate advocacy, write a brief, and then have a chance to argue both on […]

The Successful Law School Student

Having been out of school and in the workforce for three years, prior to coming to law school, the first question that popped into my mind when I stepped foot in the University of Idaho College of Law Menard Building was, how am I going to succeed? We have all heard the saying, “it takes […]

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Law & Life Happens in Boise

Hello there future Law Vandals! My name is Liz Sonnichsen, and I am a 3L at the University of Idaho, Boise Campus. <p> I am so excited that you are considering coming to the University of Idaho and can’t wait to share part of my experiences with you.  I am a home-grown Idahoan who proudly […]

Getting involved with student clubs

Hi, prospective UI Law Vandals! I’m Hannah, a 2L and a Natural Resources and Environmental Law Emphasis student. I wanted to briefly tell you about my involvement with the Environmental Law Society, one of the many clubs associated with the law school.   I serve as the Environmental Law Society’s club secretary. Through this position, I […]

College of Law Starts New Student Ambassador Blog

In an effort to help prospective students better understand the uniquely exceptional nature of the University of Idaho College of Law, we are starting this Student Ambassador Blog.  Each week, one of our 14 student ambassadors will contribute a blog post about their experience at the law school.  Students might discuss student organization events, academic […]

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