It’s tough to follow up on some of the great blog posts you’ll see here! I hope prospective students read many of the great posts about the law school organizations and law school success strategies. I want to talk about something else – a “pilot” program instituted by the University of Idaho just this year, in which your faithful bloggers are participating. You see the title of this blog is Law School Ambassadors. The Ambassador program is brand new. I wasn’t privy to the administration’s conversations as this program was put together but I imagine it went something like this… CW: “I have a prospective student coming in this afternoon.” DD: “Another one? Great! That’s 23 visits this week.” CW: “Yep! But this one has some specific questions that I think a current student- you know, in the trenches- could answer better than I can.” -After the interview- DD: “How did it go with the new prospect?” CW: “Really well, but she did have some ground level questions. Fortunately, I ran into a 3L who had recent experience with the same issues and was able to really help her out. In fact, they exchanged emails for further questions. Thank goodness. There’s only one of me and I’m tired! What a resource this 3L could be. Hmmm… how do you feel about finding a way to leverage this resource?” DD: “It could work. Maybe we should interview some students who are willing to help out and make it formal.” CW: “I’ll go draft an email to students to see if there is interest.” Well folks, there was interest and many of us applied to help! Chosen by a small group of administrators, we are here and ready to be of assistance to you. We give tours, email students with questions, travel to education fairs, and write blog posts. We each made a video of ourselves so that you get us to know us better and can pick an ambassador that you think can best help you with your questions about law school or life in Moscow. Check them out! My request for you, reading this post, is simple. Please utilize us. I know you have questions and ANY question is important! You can ask us how mean law school professors really are or just where to hang out on a Friday night if you want to meet other law school students. Alternatively, we can tell you where you might hang out to avoid law school chatter and clear your head. I hope this post was helpful. Now take a deep breath and smile – I look forward to seeing you in the building!