At the end of my 1L year, I decided to take five credits during the summer to make my 2L Fall easier. This was a great idea, but being a law student it is very rare to have an easy semester. After I completed the five credits during the summer, I had a less than two months before my 2L Fall semester began. There were several classes I wanted to take, but did not want to overwhelm myself with my class schedule. Due to my indecisiveness, I dropped and added classes to my schedule for the first three days of the semester. I eventually decided to take Business Associations, Lawyering Process, McNichols Appellate Advocacy Competition, Professional Responsibility, Criminal Procedure, and Taxation; equaling a total of 17 credits. I was also given a position as an Associate Editor for the Idaho Law Review. I suddenly realized how busy my life had become. I am constantly faced with hard deadlines for my law review article, McNichols appellate brief, weekly assignments due for Lawyering Process, and the daily required class readings. I eventually had to remind myself that I am going to be a lawyer; these busy times and hard deadlines are training me for the rest of my life. We are currently in the eighth week if the semester and the deadlines and stress are continuing to pile up; not just for me, but for all of my classmates as well. Getting past these stressful moments are necessary because, in less than two years, this will be my career life. I want to be the best attorney I can be; being busy and managing a hectic life is all part of the deal.   Sincerely yours, Safa Riadh