Everyone knows the infamous saying about law school: First year they scare you to death, Second Year they work you to death, and Third year they bore you to death. I can tell you there is some truth to this, except for the last part because there is no time to be bored.

You would think that by the third year of law school you would be a pro at law school because “practice makes perfect,” and “3L Free-L” right? Well, it’s not quite true. I am learning that you will never be a pro at law school—sure you may be able to give your professor a solid answer now even though you just skimmed the case, and maybe you are better at legal writing than you were your first two years of law school, but other things creep up on you during the 3rd year that make it one of the busiest.

First of all, time management becomes a more important skill than ever before. Not only do you still have to balance the mountains of writing and reading although, granted, you do get much faster at picking up what you need to know,(which is a huge time-saver), extra-curriculars, volunteering pro bono, and let’s not forget networking, but on top of this, many students are now balancing part-time jobs. This leaves you with the same amount of law school-related work as before, but with approximately 20 fewer hours in the week to do it.

Second, the future life outside of law school feels really imminent. During your 3rd year, much of your spare time is going towards networking and planning your life after graduation. Not only that, but purchasing a Bar Review course is a somber reminder that law school is ending soon and your career will begin in just a few months.

Third, and maybe most importantly, during your 3rd year you make time for friends. The past two years of law school were spent building friendships and memories that will last a lifetime, and by your 3rd year you start to realize that many of you will go separate ways after graduation, perhaps separated by several states. This makes the 3rd year events even more important to attend (such as the law school Halloween party that we just had!) so that you can make some more lasting memories.
 There is no way that you can be bored in law school during your third year. Some things about classes get easier, and you definitely improve your legal skills, but often you take on more responsibilities and start building connections in the legal community as graduation looms closer, leaving little time to be bored. And that is perfectly OK with me!