This summer the University of Idaho College of Law began a pilot Natural Resource and Environmental Law (NREL) Field Course.  The course is offered the week before school starts—the same week as trial advocacy—and is geared toward students in the NREL emphasis or graduate students in the College of Natural Resources.  Students in the course spend a week on Payette Lake, housed at the University of Idaho McCall Outdoor Science School (MOSS).   The class includes field excursions that help exemplify the issues in natural resource policy within the area.  This year, we traveled to the Nez Perce Reservation, a fish hatchery, the Midas Gold Mine near Yellow Pine, the OX Ranch, and Hells Canyon.  While exploring these vastly different environmental areas with their own unique environmental needs, experts in the geographic area and specific issues were brought in to expand our general knowledge and provide thoughtful feedback on our discussions.   I also have to say, it does not suck spending a week in McCall for school credit.  We spent around eight hours together a day when we had field excursion, and four hours a day together in class. Besides that, we were able to do anything and everything else: fishing, hiking, canoeing, or even using an old windsurfing board as a paddle board (not at all easy I can assure you—spectacularly funny wipeouts).   We also did some non-sanctioned group excursions into town.  Not to imply that there is anything wrong with that.  Sometimes as a class we would go to dinner or drinks in town.  Sometimes we would have heated debates about the topics we learned about, while other times we would just reflect on the ridiculous things we did or said throughout the week.  Overall, it was fairly good bonding for those of us in a fairly small program at the University.  It was nice to be able to talk to people who are passionate about the same things.   In smaller groups we went out to see the town sites at night.  Most times these trips were purely in response to a need for ice cream.  However, purely by luck, a small group of us managed to end up at a singles meet and greet where we got to spend some time with people in the area and rock the karaoke.   Overall, I would do this class again if I could and would recommend it to anyone.