The University of Idaho employs many students as Student Ambassadors, to help provide great service to prospective students across the nation. Student Ambassadors talk with students over the phone, give tours of the College of Law's facilities in Moscow and Boise, and attend events to attract the right students to our school.

Last week, I made a trip to Las Vegas to fulfill my duty as a Student Ambassador. I represented the University of Idaho at a Law School Fair held at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Many students inquired about the University and our programs, and I was given the chance to talk with many bright individuals. The trip was very quick-- just over 24 hours from take-off to landing back home-- but well worth making to help the University.

When you matriculate at the College of Law, I highly recommend becoming a Student Ambassador. The requirements are simple to fulfill, you get connected with incoming students before they even set foot in the door, and you get to give a little back to the University... Oh yeah, they pay you too! If you have not already discovered, Carole Wells (College of Law, Director of Admissions) is a gem to work with, and she oversees each Student Ambassador. You need not be overly outgoing, as the opportunities are often one-on-one conversations; you have the opportunity to make personal connections with each prospective student you encounter.

If you are considering the University of Idaho College of Law, feel free to contact me with any questions! And if you are in Boise, I would love to show you around our new facility. I can be reached via email at tams3431(at)