Law Student Ambassadors

Alayne Bean Randall

Alayne RandallEmail:
Hometown: Idaho Falls, Idaho
College/Undergraduate Institution: Utah State University

Law Interests: I am the Idaho Law Health & Fitness Club President. While law school is demanding, I believe that healthy bodies and healthy minds lead to better law students. Career wise, I am passionate about criminal law. I have a limited license to practice law in Idaho as a Legal Intern. In this capacity, I currently handle the infraction caseload at the Latah County Prosecutor’s Office and will continue in that position until I graduate. I am pursuing the Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (LADR) emphasis offered by the College of Law. I also became a certified mediator by attending the Northwest Instituted for Dispute Resolution here at the U of I in May 2013.


I developed a deep interest in the law when my husband was in law school. In 1999, I was accepted to BYU’s J. Reuben Clark Law School but was unable to go due to family circumstances. I tried to content myself with being a paralegal and office manager at The Randall Firm, PLLC, but I felt an inner drive to become an attorney myself. So, after a long wait, I applied and was accepted to the University of Idaho College of Law. While I have enjoyed criminal law and am leaning towards a career in that field, eventually I would like to become a judge.

I love spending time with my family, including my four kids, ages 9 to 19. I enjoy the outdoors and physical activity. I can often be seen running or biking around the beautiful University of Idaho campus or on one of the paths connecting Moscow to either Troy, ID or Pullman, WA.