Law Student Ambassadors

John Brassell

Hometown: Yorktown, Virginia
College/Undergraduate Institution: Brigham Young University—Idaho

Law School Interests: I am working in the Alternative Dispute Resolution/Mediation emphasis and am interested in doing government and other public service work. I was accepted to intern with the Department of Homeland Security and am waiting for the final security clearance to process. This summer, I worked at the Housing Justice Project at the King County Courthouse in Seattle, Washington, where we represented low-income tenants facing eviction. I currently serve as the co-president of the Public Interest Law Group.


I have been married for six years, and our family loves being outdoors, traveling, and doing activities together. For the last several years, we have volunteered with the Idaho Special Olympics. Professionally, I would love to work with the federal government and then continue to participate in local public services.

My favorite thing about the U of I is its ability to reach outside of Idaho. This summer I interned in Seattle, Washington. The attorneys were quick to mention how much they valued having U of I students. Although the office that I interned at was located within 10 miles of two separate Washington Law Schools, the U of I’s reputation for hard work, knowledge, and professionalism paved the way for an incredible and successful summer.

A piece of advice I would give incoming students is to realize that you determine your destiny. This school provides a huge variety of clinics, internships, clubs, and programs to help you be successful. Find what it is you’re passionate about and go to work for it. Lastly, anyone considering the University of Idaho College of law, feel free to contact me. I would love to answer any questions you might have.