Law Student Ambassadors

Matthew Sturzen
Hometown: Howe, Idaho/Astoria, Oregon


Originally from California, my family and I moved to Idaho about ten years ago. In Idaho, we farmed alfalfa hay for export to China and brewer’s barley for companies such as Modelo and Budweiser. Coming from an agricultural background, I developed a passion for agriculture and the outdoors.

This led me to attend the University of Idaho where I earned my bachelor’s degree in AgriBusiness. Before applying to the University of Idaho College of Law, I hadn’t really considered law school as an option. Because of this I thought I might be at a disadvantage compared to some of the other students, but I soon learned that as long as I put in my time and effort, I would be successful. Attending law school has allowed me to continue my education which I hope to one day use in the Agricultural field.

When I’m not in school, I love to be outdoors hunting and fishing and overall enjoying God’s country.