Law Student Ambassadors

Sarah Boothman

Hometown: Yakima, Washington
College/Undergraduate Institution: Washington State University

Law School Interests: One of my main law school interests is being in law school! Every day I love going to class and realizing that I’m not tied to an office job. If the thought ever enters my mind that maybe school is too much, I just ask myself “what would you be doing if you weren’t in school?” and that’s enough of a reminder to keep me feeling enthusiastic about school and motivated.

I also really enjoy legal research and learning about and reading about different types of law, as well as areas the legal field touches. The Law Library has a wide variety of books available, and I’ve been able to read books covering a wide variety of topics and interests—the “new book” table has proved to be a great source for books that present a wide variety of topics and perspectives that I might not have otherwise been exposed to. It’s a great opportunity to learn and gain perspectives that will help me assist my future clients.

I also like learning about different areas of law, since I’m interested in doing volunteer work when I finish law school. My previous career as a community health educator gave me exposure to some specific situations in which I hope to be able to provide assistance as an attorney. I’m looking forward to selecting classes and participating in the legal clinics offered by the College of Law that will give me the skills to be able to address needs as an attorney.


I grew up in the diverse and unique Yakima Valley in Washington State and studied human nutrition while at Washington State University. I continue to work alongside my family at our farmer’s market booth. One of my convictions is the need to help those individuals and groups who are inexperienced and unable to find legal help and advice while in our country. I find motivation in a verse found in the Old Testament of the bible, where the writer asks what is required of him and the answer is “to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.” As a lawyer, I hope to be able to bring justice to those who need it and practice law ethically, and work hard to do the very best I can for those I’ll serve. I am interested in law and food safety and access to health care and social services.