And might I say in full force. Only a couple weeks into the game of my second year of law school has already proven to hold its challenges. And for me right now the first hurdle to overcome is time management. After my spring semester of my first year. I thought I had it down: the studying, the workout schedule, the “me time”, routine check-in calls to family and friends, etc. but this year, my organizational skills seem to have either been lost by me or this is a whole other ball game. But as I wander the halls, catching up with colleagues, I am hearing the similar sounds of friend’s exhaustion after long hours of daily reading, clubs to run and interviews to be had. So this is the life of the 2L? I’ve heard that phrase “First year they’ll scare you to death, second year they’ll work you to death and third year, well, they’ll bore you to death”. So here I am, sitting in a pool of reality that yes, here the work begins. Oddly I am looking forward to this work load in the sense that I am going to be taking classes and doing the work that really interests me. First year of law school was intimidating, the professors, the exhaustion, learning this new language of law. But now I can speak from experience that rest assured – the language of law is no longer Greek to me and if you’re an incoming 1L or thinking about law school, trust me, I think it’s just the process that everyone goes through when in the first stages of beginning their legal careers. So yes, this 2L year will be filled with a significant amount of labor towards that law degree in sights but it is nice to know that the process towards that goal is certainly attainable. With this in mind I quietly reorganize my weekly schedule to definitely include rest, relaxation and my “me time” because I have also learned through all of this that if there is no time for me, whether that be spending time with family, going on a hike, raft trip, whatever the fancy, then the work load from school seems to weigh a little heavier than it should. And nobody wants that extra weight.