This week sure made me appreciate the University of Idaho--College of Law faculty. Last week my dream agency began accepting applications, but were only accepting them for one week. Because this was the job of my dreams, I wanted everything to be perfect. Luckily I am at the University of Idaho--College of Law and between the career services office, professors, and faculty, I was prepared and able to submit a very competitive application. Rather than walking across campus to an undergrad career services desk for help, I was able to walk down the hall to our law school’s career services office. They are professionals who are familiar with the legal market, customs and trends, and oftentimes even the employer’s HR contact. More than just checking my resume for typos, they gave me individualized advice and helped me maximize my work history and education. I walked out of there with a great cover letter and resume! The professors were extremely helpful. One professor worked with me to help my application materials stand out among the surrounding schools. His advice, direction, and work was priceless. I can’t tell you how many times I thought how lucky I was to have access to such qualified and prestigious professors who were so determined to see us succeed. Two days before the application deadline, the agency requested that the letter of recommendation from a department head or dean be submitted with the application materials and not mailed directly to their office. Because the following day was a Saturday, I essentially had one day to meet this deadline. Even with such short notice, the dean came through and wrote an extremely supportive and individualized letter to be submitted. Although he was extremely busy, and the request was last minute, he did it because he wanted to see his students succeed. I am extremely grateful for how reachable and helpful the University of Idaho-College of Law faculty are. They are extremely busy but always have their doors open and are willing to help. You don’t find this many other places and it made the all the difference in getting my application submitted on time. I am still waiting to hear if I am selected, but thanks to career services, my professors, and the faculty my applications materials were flawless and individualized. I’ll let you know how things work out!