Practicing attorneys learn real quick that making the clerk happy is just as important, if not more, than making the judge happy. They control a lot of what is going on and you do not want to be on their bad side! Like a judge’s clerk, the University of Idaho has staff members to assist the students and help them get the most out of law school. I urge you to not approach this next year with an attitude of overlooking the staff in an effort to become “besties” with the law school dean. The staff at the University of Idaho-College of Law is incredible. You will not find anyone more willing to help you out than the staff. From individual resume workshops, to getting an internship agreement notarized, the staff is who landed you that dream internship you wanted. I firmly believe that two hours spent with the various staff members would prove more beneficial in landing a great job than two hours with the dean. It’s just the way it is. Take the time to get to know the staff. They are wonderful people, know a lot past graduates, and have a lot of pull. They are too often overlooked. Thanks U of I staff for all you do!