Law school life in Boise is far exceeding my expectations. The Boise campus offers a completely different law school experience than in Moscow. I will be the first to admit that it was difficult settling into a routine when school started in Boise this fall. A new building, new professors, and new student transfers from a neighboring law school all combined to create an entirely different environment than what I grew so accustomed to in Moscow during my 1L and 2L years. But my friends and I are quickly recognizing all of the additional perks that the Boise community has to offer.
Although most former students labeled the Boise program a “commuter-campus,” the expansion of the 2L program and addition of 50-plus new transfer students has changed that. The 2L students, and some 3Ls, seem to spend just as much time here reading, attending class, and meeting with study groups as in Moscow. Many other 3Ls are noticeably absent, working semesters in practice or spending time in the various legal clinics the College of Law offers. I am spending my 3L year working in the Low Income Tax Clinic. I’ve represented five clients in tax controversies with the IRS thus far, and am traveling to Salt Lake City later this month to appear before the SLC Tax Court. In addition to tax clinic, I am taking three classes through the College of Law and recently applied for a semester-in-practice externship with a Fourth Judicial District Judge. Before we know it, the year will be passing us by and it will be time to prep for the bar exam!