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Lessons Learned

I can’t believe that in a few short weeks I will officially be a 3L. I cannot believe how fast this mini journey has flown. From case briefing to understanding the rule of the case to resume building, the last (almost) 2 years have been scary, hard, and, dare I say, great! I often think […]

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Winter is Coming

Winter is coming, which in law school world means finals are also coming. As I put the final touches on my outlines and gear up for practice exams, I realize how hard and rewarding this semester has been. During my 1L year I did not take on any extracurricular activities, except tabling for BARBRI an […]

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Law school with a Family

Law school can be tough. Most people have to learn a new way to read, think and act. Throw a family into that mix and, at first, it can be borderline devastating. My family is extremely supportive; they did leave their friends, school and job, behind so that we could take this adventure called law […]

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