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“Sweet, I’m Going to Law School – – Now What?!”

I am assuming by now that most of the students reading these blog posts are either admitted to the University of Idaho College of Law or anxiously awaiting that phone call from Director Wells. As such – I am sure that most of you have made the decision, bit the bullet, ate the soup, gone […]

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The SIP Life

When I was looking into the opportunities offered by different law schools I noticed that not many schools were emphasizing their semester in practice programs as much as the University of Idaho. This struck me as very odd, especially considering the fact that all these institutions were constantly preaching about the necessity to get involved […]

You Are More Than an LSAT Score

The moment had finally arrived. I sat in the University of Idaho undergraduate library, looking at my computer screen, with a blank stare on my face. There on the screen in front of me was the email I had been anxiously waiting for months to receive – the results of my LSAT test were just […]

The Booming Boise Program

Anybody who is looking into attending law school in the great state of Idaho has surely heard about the University of Idaho College of Law’s program in the state’s capital—Boise. As a prospective law student three years ago, I remember hearing all the students, faculty, and staff rave about how great the program in Boise was […]

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Bye Bye Moscow…

As I prepare to roll my calendar over to the month of April I can’t help but get excited for my upcoming move to Boise. For the last six years of my life, between undergraduate studies and the first two years of law school, I have called Moscow my home. Don’t get me wrong, I […]

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The Mid-October Plague

I think it is necessary to preface this article with the disclaimer that I have never written, read, nor really even thought about blogs. With that being said, I think I have come up with some “knowledge” to spread for the prospective law students of all ages. I will leave the question of whether this […]

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