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Wow. That went by fast…

I can’t believe graduation is officially less than two months away. I still have the voicemail from Carole Wells on March 14, 2012, saved . . . the voicemail that completely changed the direction of my life. That voicemail, informing me that I had been accepted into the University of Idaho College of Law graduating […]

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3L Life in the City of Trees

Law school life in Boise is far exceeding my expectations. The Boise campus offers a completely different law school experience than in Moscow. I will be the first to admit that it was difficult settling into a routine when school started in Boise this fall. A new building, new professors, and new student transfers from […]

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My impending move to Boise!

Last night I officially registered for the beginning of my 3L year at the College of Law. Although this sounds cliché, it feels like only yesterday that I was sitting in room 104 during Early Welcome listening to Professor Beard discuss the ins and outs of law school. But here I am! The end is […]

Preparing for Final Exams

Preparing for final exams is stressful; there’s no other way to put it. I remember feeling so surprised at how early law school students began exam preparation during my first year. And now, as a 2L, I’m learning that finals preparation is really done best when worked on throughout the entire semester. The amount of […]

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