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Student Debt and the Art of Living Like a Law Student

I recently completed my student loan exit counseling, which is both exciting and frightening. Exciting because it means I will soon be done with law school and on to my legal career. Frightening because a large amount of the proceeds of my early legal career will be used to pay down the debt incurred to […]

3L Exams

Preparing for finals feels like it should eventually become a less stressful process. This is, after all, my fifth semester of exams. It’s also my lightest exam load since starting law school. Somehow this familiarity and lighter load has not resulted in any fewer long days or any less stress. I have come to discover […]

Preparation v. Procrastination

I have always heard that 3L year is the easiest year of law school, and this has proved to be both true and false. On one hand, law school gets easier as you get used to the demands place on you. Cases get easier to read, legal research becomes more efficient, legal writing becomes more […]