It's the summer! And although that means taking time to enjoy friends, family and the nice weather, it also means it's time to put what I have been learning the last few years into practice. This summer I am working at an environmental non-profit in Boise that works to protect clean air, water, and open spaces. In particular, I am working with a water attorney (who is a UI College of Law Alum!) on water rights issues in Idaho. This work is extremely interesting as well as satisfying. This is why I came to law school, and it is such a gratifying feeling to already be involved in this work and with the environmental, legal community. But what has really amazed me is that I have learned so much in law school that has really prepared me for the summer. From Water Law to Property, from Environmental Compliance for Businesses to Administrative Law, so many of my classes have been truly invaluable to my summer work. I am so grateful for my education at the University of Idaho College of Law, and in particular for the incredible professors who have taught these courses. Without these classes, I would never have the experience this summer that I am so lucky to enjoy. Even though I still have five weeks left at this internship, I can already say this has been one of the best legal, career, and life experiences. I have been immersed in the issues I feel most strongly about, I have been mentored and surrounded by incredible people, and I have already gained important knowledge about natural resource law. And my law school experience (so far!) has given me the base understanding I needed to ask the right questions, approach things the right way, and to feel confident taking on new projects. I cannot wait for you all to enjoy your summer experiences as much as I have. From the great legal internships to the warm weather and fun summer plans, be prepared for your best summer yet!