You’ve probably heard the horror stories about how competitive law school is, right?  Most of those who want to study law, while they may be from many different walks of life, have one thing in common: they are driven to succeed.  Call them “Type A personalities” or whatever you want.  Law school attracts this kind of person.  So all law students are intensely competitive, right?  That is where the students at the University of Idaho College of Law branch off from the typical law student mold. UI students are competitive, but the difference is that they are not competitive with each other.  So how do they fulfill their drive to succeed?  Now that I am about to graduate, I think I have figured it out!  Instead of being competitive with each other, UI law students strive to be better then their yesterday-selves, their last week-selves, their last semester-selves, their first semester 1L-selves.  As each individual student is striving to be better than her or she was yesterday, it leads to the entire student body improving and succeeding.  What I have concluded is that UI students are still competitive, but in a positive way.  So, look elsewhere if you want an example of someone hiding the book for the library assignment.  Look elsewhere for snobbish classmates.  But check out UI College of Law for a friendly and supportive student body, who are all striving to be their best law school-selves.