The leaves have fallen, the first snow has come, the sun now sets at 5:00 p.m., and the semester is winding down. This time of year can send an average law student into a whirlwind of emotions. Many students are able to breathe a temporary sigh of relief over Thanksgiving break and remember what it is like to spend a day not studying and going to class. This brief repose helps refuel for the last sprint to the end of the semester. Nevertheless, the stress comes back. Sometime between the Friday after Thanksgiving and the Monday back at school, the weight of what lies ahead comes down hard. Many law students feel overwhelmed this time of year taking into consideration the last week’s classes and projects, the impending finals, and any planning for internships/externships. These students may have exhausted that beginning-of-semester motivation. Several may have been bogged down with anxiety and plan to only go through the motions and just get by the rest of the semester. However, here at the University of Idaho, we focus on taking advantage of the great benefits the College of Law offers in order to stave off this end-of-year difficulty.