If you are a nerd, or have looked at Facebook in the last week or so, you probably know that October 21, 2015, was Back to the Future Day. Sure things may not have turned out the way that the movie predicted, for example we don’t have hoverboards or flying cars, but we do have Skype, big screen TV’s, and Pepsi is still delicious. With all of the hype going on yesterday about the movies and the future, I had the opportunity to stop and think a little bit about my future and where I want to go. When Back to the Future Part II was released back in 1989, I’m sure that most people weren’t thinking about 2015, I know I wasn’t. While we may not like to think about the future too much, it is important that we start to plan for it. One thing that may be in your future is law school. If it is, don’t look just at law school but where you want to be after law school. What kind of law do you want to practice? Where do you want to practice? And a big one, how long do you want to be paying off student loans after you graduate? All of these questions are important when looking for a place to study law. Take the time and do the research, don’t take the future for granted. I’m sure that when the movie was made, 2015 seemed like a fictitious date that would probably never arrive. Well, it’s here. We now know how far we came in the last 26 years compared to where Hollywood thought we would be, now ask yourself where do you want to be 26 years from now. No one decides your future except you. Do the research and make a plan now so that when we get to 2041 it looks just like you plan it to. Who knows, we may even have hoverboards by then.