There is no way around it—the first year of law school is miserable. I still have the cases names and memories of law professors relentlessly pressing the smallest details of each case fused in my head. Outside of the class wasn’t much better as I spent nearly all my free time studying. In fact, all the memorization and late nights of studying didn’t set me apart from anyone. We were all in this boat and holding on for dear life. But don’t worry those days end. I am writing today to tell you that things will get better! As I complete my second year of school, I am able to look back at both my and my class’s progress and see how much more enjoyable law school is becoming. My classes focus more on applying law rather than memorizing theory. Now that I can choose my courses, I am learning about areas I enjoy and intend to work in for the rest of my life. People are branching out and working with local attorneys, public interest groups, legal counsel departments for companies, and in the school’s legal aid clinic. The professors become more like colleagues doing everything in their power to help you succeed. They invite you to their homes or out to eat and are always willing to sit down and talk with you about those pressing areas of law that interest you. For those of you who wonder if the next three years are like the class you visited before coming to school or like the first semester of your first year in school, I tell you they’re not. Law school gets better! Although I have never talked to someone who wants to go back and do law school over again, each one looks back at these times with a smile and tells me to take advantage of this special and unique time. Hang in there!