It is surreal being back in school after winter break. It's always a rough adjustment coming back after three weeks away but I realized, I am halfway done! In one sense, it's so exciting and keeps my driven. On the other hand, it means I am that much closer to the real world where my work will affect real peoples' lives. This all made me start thinking about my law school experience in a more sentimental light (almost nostalgic even though I am still here). I recognized how great the people I go to school with are, how distinguished and dedicated our faculty is, and all the opportunities the school wants to provide us with. We often take things for granted, especially when we are constantly distracted. Over the last week, I realized we are all so fortunate to be here. Yes it is undeniably a lot of work but we have the privilege of pursuing our dreams in a small community where we are surrounded by people with similar goals. Add to that the support we get from the staff, faculty, and regional legal community. There is little we can't do and the school and people within reinforce that. I just wanted to share my moment of appreciation :)