There have been many milestones in the path of law school so far and still more to come. I remember the work I put in to taking the LSAT. I remember the long hours filling out applications to law schools and providing all the correct transcripts and forms. There was great excitement with the acceptance phone calls and letters. I was nervous to choose where to go and what I needed to get done to get there. From those early steps through till now, there has been quite an emotional ride, however, it has been worth it.

Choosing University of Idaho has helped me keep much of the excitement and energy that I started with during those early months and be able to power through the difficult days filled with studying and classes to get to this point. In a few short weeks, graduation will be held and the accomplishment will be completed, to attain a Juris Doctorate Degree. Because the journey does seem long at times and there are endless milestones, first final to first internship and so on, the prestige and excitement for the title of becoming an attorney may become faded from time to time. However, it will always remain a great accomplishment and honor to be able to have a Juris Doctorate and become a member of the respected industry of law.

University of Idaho has helped me remember the prestige that comes with being a member of this industry through the professors, guest speakers, and proper course assignments. University of Idaho has focused on the importance of ethical hard work in this selfless area of work. I have seen great examples throughout my time here of how an attorney should comport themselves.

It is easy some days to forget the excitement of those first few months and rather focus on job searching, finals preparation, and passing the MPRE and the BAR. Nevertheless, when I sit back and remember what all those sleepless nights and blurry-eyed-study sessions are for, I am honored to have been accepted into law school and hopefully, in a few short months, I will be honored to join the State Bar.