Last night I officially registered for the beginning of my 3L year at the College of Law. Although this sounds cliché, it feels like only yesterday that I was sitting in room 104 during Early Welcome listening to Professor Beard discuss the ins and outs of law school. But here I am! The end is in sight. And that end, for me, will be in my beautiful hometown, Boise, Idaho. Although I applied for the 3L program in Boise during the spring semester of my 1L year, I honestly was not sure if I would actually register for the program in Boise if I were accepted. “You have the whole rest of your life to spend in Boise,” I told myself. In addition, I have met so many wonderful people in Moscow, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to create new friendships with my classmates, and this little law school has begun to feel like a home away from home. So with that, the decision to stay in Moscow for the duration of my law school education seemed like a no-brainer as I entered into my 2L year. I can’t exactly pinpoint when or why I changed my mind and decided to attend the Boise Program. Maybe it’s because Boise is my home; my friends and family are there, and I am incredibly excited to finish this experience with them by my side. Maybe it’s because finishing school in Boise allows me to stay in touch with lawyers I have worked with during summer internships on a more regular basis. Or maybe it’s because I just really miss tailgating at BSU football games. But more and more, I really look forward to simply having a change of pace in my law school education. Boise is a very different community than Moscow. In addition, the prospect of an expanding 2L year in Boise is quickly becoming a reality. I was recently elected to serve as the Boise Vice President of the Student Bar Association and am eager to begin working alongside Boise faculty and staff. I also hope that if the 2L expansion is approved, my peers (both 2L and 3L) will look to me as someone they can come to with comments, questions, ideas, and concerns regarding the Boise Program and its fit in our law school community. While in Boise, I will work in the tax clinic alongside three other 3L students. I will also serve as one of two University of Idaho student liaisons at the local street law clinic which takes place two times a month at the public library. Top that off with a full schedule of classes and I am sure to have my work cut out for me next year. I am going to miss my Moscow friends, no doubt about that. I’ve found a certain comfort in retreating to my carrel pod this year, knowing that familiar faces, smiles, and a certain photo-shopped family photo of my closest friends and I with “Uncle Jerry Long” awaits me. But I am thrilled to begin my next phase in Boise, and will continue to feel blessed and fortunate for the wonderful experiences I have had in Moscow.