Hello again! Spring has sprung here in Moscow: the sun is finally out, the snowdrops are blooming, and daffodils are soon to follow. For law students, all of these things mean one thing: spring break has passed and graduation is just weeks away. For many third year students this instills and generates both a sense of panic and excitement. However, with those feelings comes reflection. On your first day in law school, three years seems like a long time. After your first torts class, three years seems like ten. After your first final three years seems like an eternity. But on the sixth semester, you realize that time has flown by. As I reflect upon my time at the University of Idaho College of Law, I have thought of a long list of advise that I would give to an incoming first year students and perspective students. On the top of that list is a topic that prior to law school was more of a concept than something that might drastically impact your school experience: your physical and mental health. While many of us have been taught in secondary health education and subsequent undergraduate trainings that health is important, I personally didn’t truly understand the importance of both physical and mental health until I went to law school.