The most magical place on earth, the library   The Albert R. Menard building may be the most terrifying place on the whole planet. Especially if you are a law student. It is in this building that you will sit for three years trying to learn what you need to know to be an attorney. While many places in the building will always be associated with terrifying memories for me, there is one place that is full of happy memories, the library.   Within the classrooms, you will be pushed to the limit on a daily basis as the professor tests your knowledge of the assigned reading. In that same classroom you will participate in a type of mortal combat where you will battle your fellow classmates during final exams for a place on an imaginary line known as The Curve. There is however one place of refuge where students may go to be safe from professors, classmates, and the curve. The library.   Like many undergraduate students, I avoided the library as often as possible while at BYU-Idaho. The third floor especially was a loud and obnoxious place where people pretended to study while really searching for dates. The only time I ventured into the library was when I was assigned a research paper. Usually I would use google for such a paper, however one professor, Dr. Felt, expressly required us to have at least one book as a source. Besides looking for that one book, I was generally oblivious to the resources and wonders contained in that library.   My first two years at the University of Idaho were remarkably similar to my time as an undergraduate student when it came to my knowledge of the library. As a 1L, I was required to use the books and look up cases for one assignment. Besides that assignment however I never used the books for the next year and a half. Luckily my attitude towards the library changed when I was hired as a desk worker in the fall of my 3L year.   As a desk worker, I have been exposed to the magic and wonder that exist within the library. For example, I bet no one reading this knew that the library had a section of rare books. This section contains not only rare books, such as a signed copy of Six Crises by President Nixon and an early edition of The Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes, but also collector bobble heads of famous justices and judges.   In addition to rare books, the library also keeps current volumes of many federal and state reporters. This might not seem like a big deal in the world of Lexis and Westlaw where cases are easily accessible at the click of a button, however knowing how to use this resource will become important when the free student subscriptions run out and you have to start paying to use research data bases. The books are free to use. Knowing how to use them effectively is an important skill that could save a lot of money in practice. I wish I had spent more time before my 3L year learning how to use the books, but I'm glad I’ve found them now.   The library contains something for everyone, even if you don’t like books. It is within the library that you find the study carols. Carol is just a fancy word for a study desk. Each student is assigned a carol which becomes your home away from home. My first year, I spent more of my waking hours sitting in my carol than I spent sitting on my couch. The carols are a great place to study and they are customizable to your personal tastes. For the most part, the students in the carols are quiet and considerate thus maintaining a healthy study environment. When things get out of hand, there are people at the school who are employed to send out reminder emails about proper carol etiquette.   Finally, the most magical and wonderful resource of the library is found at the circulation desk. The library employs some of the most knowledgeable people not only at the College of Law, but at the whole University of Idaho. Not only are the librarians and the desk workers knowledgeable, they are also all very kind. If you ever have questions as a law student or as a member of public, the librarians will do everything they can to help you find the answer.   Law school can be very scary, especially during finals. At times it can feel like everyone in the school is out to get you. Sometimes it feels like the professors are there for the sole purpose of making you look bad in class. While they are really trying to help, there will be days that you feel this way. And during finals, you will feel like the whole world is out to get you. Even during finals, you can always count on the library staff to be happy and your carol to be a safe place where you can go and study or just get away from the world for a little while.