I am anxious to start my 3L year of law school, because when I close my eyes and concentrate really hard, I can almost feel my law degree in my hands.  I can’t wait until graduation!  Just two little semesters stand between me and my J.D.  But I have to remind myself of something that my mom told me many times when I was little (because I was an “I can’t wait until . . .” kid).  My mom told me not to wish time away; don’t be a person who gets caught in the “I’ll be happy when . . .” thinking trap.   These days I find myself trying to make a better effort to not wish time away and to make the most today.  I am currently working for the Latah County Prosecutor’s Office as the Legal Intern, mainly prosecuting infractions but doing some misdemeanor work.  This means that I have stayed in Moscow, Idaho – where the University of Idaho College of Law is located – over the summer.  At my internship, I have been mentored and taught by skilled attorneys.  Additionally, I have been able to practice under a limited license and get tons of courtroom experience – which I believe will help lessen the “freak out” part of being in court for the first time as a new attorney.   Outside of my internship, I have been trying to make the most of my time off by getting to know the area surrounding the College of Law a little bit better.  I’ve gone hiking, biking, running, and driving all over Latah County and beyond.  I’ve tried new restaurants, perused new shops, and made new friends.  The Moscow Farmer’s Market is amazing!  This little bit of the globe is simply fantastic!  It’s scenic and diverse while being homey and welcoming. So over the summer I’ve learned that I don’t want to wish my law school time away, I want to savor it and all it has to offer, both in and out of the classroom.   If you find yourself anticipating big events in your future, remember to enjoy right now.  Make the most of your summers.  Make the most of your class time.  Make the most of wherever you are right now.  The hidden bonus is that if you learn all you can from your experiences today, you’ll be better prepared to tackle what’s on the horizon.