The other day, someone said to me, “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you actually enjoy law school.” I replied emphatically, “I do!” And it’s true. I have enjoyed my time at the University of Idaho College of Law immensely. In thinking that I would be writing this blog, I tried to pinpoint why I enjoy law school so much. First, let me say that we have an outstanding faculty and staff here – just fantastic! I also love Moscow, Idaho. It’s a charming, town in a beautiful setting. But I thought of a couple of different reasons that may resonate with potential non-traditional students like me. Coming back to school after seventeen years has given me an entirely different perspective about the purpose of the educational setting. While I can only compare to my own experience, I know as an undergrad, school was something to get through. As an older student, I view law school as a process to enrich my knowledge and understanding of the law. The University of Idaho College of Law is giving me the tools and a foundation in legal thinking that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. Again, speaking for myself, I appreciate being here more than I would have coming directly after my undergrad. Another reason that I enjoy law school is: I am living one of my dreams! I got accepted to law school in 1999 and was unable to go. I put my law school plans on hold for a while and then eventually decided it was never going to work out, so I just gave up. I even tried to be happy with being a paralegal because then I was still in the legal field. But it wasn’t the same thing. Finally, in 2011 I realized that it would be a huge regret for me if I did not go to law school. So I took the LSAT (again) and started applying (again). And in Fall 2012, I attended my first class at the University of Idaho College of Law and the first class of my dream come true. Don’t get me wrong – law school is hard and requires lots of effort. But if you have been thinking about going back to school and law school is one of your dreams, I say take the plunge! I love it here!