One of the things that I always tell students when we go on tours is that our professors have an open door policy. As we walk through the halls, there are many a door open wide or propped open. It’s our professors’ way of telling us that they’re in their office, and that we are welcome to come into their office. As a 3L, I think I’m finally learning what the policy really means.

My first year, it meant that my property professor spent over an hour going over a practice final exam, so that I could be better prepared and more comfortable with the material. My 1L year those doors were largely open to help walk me through the discomfort of becoming a law student as well as to help me cope with balancing family drama and responsibilities with my new role as a law student. I always tell incoming students not to be afraid to ask for help. Those doors are open, so that you can walk in, plop down in a moderately comfy chair, and ask for help. My second year was largely the same. Those doors were open to discuss upper division writing papers and legal concepts that I was finally starting to comfortably grasp. Those same professors sat through our moot court practice arguments and helped us prepare for national competitions.

But this year has been very different, and I am more grateful than ever for the mentorship that this faculty offers. Now those same faculty members are offering their guidance and support as I set off on the often scary journey of securing my first real legal job. My mentors push me to apply for things that I probably would not on my own. Now I walk through those doors for an entirely new sort of guidance. I recently was selected to interview for a job that I want quite badly, and I immediately sought out my mentors, and as always their doors were open. This time we celebrated. But like all those times before, they immediately offered to help me prepare.

Now instead of mock tests and moot courts, they will help prepare with mock interviews and offer encouragement. I have never been more certain that I chose the right school than when my professors celebrate my accomplishments with me. We are extremely lucky here at the University of Idaho College of Law to have a faculty full of people who are not only experts in their field with a wealth of knowledge, but who are also willing to open their doors to offer students the guidance and support we need to embark on our legal journey.