Lately the fact that I am about to enter the real world has been very real for me. Unlike some of my classmates, I have always been a student. This worked in my favor at times, I did not have to adjust to the student life, living at the library and being home sometimes only to sleep was normal. However, that will very soon not be the case and I will have to do some adjusting to be a “real adult.” First thing most adults have is a job. During my job hunt I have come to realize that most jobs wants some experience, most want at least a year experience in the field in which the job practices. After my first year of law school I knew I needed to do as much as I could to have the experience the job requires. I worked each summer but that amounted at most to about 6 months experience. The law school’s clinic program was the solution to this problem. I was accepted into the general clinic program of the University of Idaho College of Law Legal Aid clinic. I have been working as a legal intern since August and have found my experiences very rewarding and educational. As an intern we work on a case from beginning until it ends with the supervision of a professor. Sometimes cases will continue on for years and new interns will take the case either in the summer or during the next school year. The cases I have worked on have ranged from topics in family law, minor criminal cases, landlord tenants and debt collection. As an intern we meet with the client, determine what is at issue legally and discuss the case with our supervisor. Our supervisors give us guidance and look over all the pleading we prepare on behalf of our clients. They are also present with the legal interns in any court proceedings. As an intern I have gotten more experience than I could of imagined short of being able to actually practice alone. I have done some criminal pre trial conferences, I have been in court for a family law hearing, I have done countless status conference with the judge and several opposing counsel from Moscow. I have prepared real pleadings, done real negotiations on behalf of my client and have worked with real people about issues that mean the world to them. All of this experience with a safety net I would not expect to have in the real world. I get to work in an environment where questions are welcomed. Trust me I ask plenty. I get to work with my fellow interns and discuss case strategy and possible solutions. Overall, this has been the best experience I could of asked for. It has taught me a lot about what to expect as a practicing attorney.