Some say that money is the root of all evil in the world today. While I am in no position to argue about that as a poor law student, I will tell you about the root of all evil/ problems in law school. No, it is not the professors, exams, books, or even the administration (although arguments could be made for any one of those). I am writing to tell you today that the root of all evil in law school is procrastination. While in law school, everything hangs in a delicate balance. It is a daily struggle to find the time to prepare for class, go to class, spend time with your family, get to the gym, participate in extracurricular events, outline in preparation for finals, and complete projects not to mention eating and sleeping which seem to take a backseat during certain times in the semester. While it is hard to balance all of these requirements, I know it can be done because I have seen my classmates do it and I have occasionally been successful with the balance. The fastest way to ruin that balance however, is to procrastinate. For example, when you procrastinate your reading for a class, you may stay up late the night before or have to read through lunch. A better example that I may or may not have personal experience with is when you procrastinate writing an important paper. As you approach a deadline for which you have not prepared, the balance is completely destroyed. You spend all your waking hours, and most of the hours you should be sleeping, working to finish a paper and completely forget about the gym, reading for class, and sometimes even going to class. While it is tempting to put off writing a paper which is due in 3 months, you’ll be a lot happier that last week if you start on the day you get the assignment. Also you’ll be better prepared for class if you don’t try to cram the 40 page reading assignment into the ten minute break between classes. Sleep, proper nutrition, family time, time at the gym, reading for class, outlining for finals, and completing big projects are all very important parts of a successful time in law school. All of these things and more can be done as long as the proper balance is struck. This balance is only possible if you are careful not to procrastinate and work hard throughout the semester and not save assignments or your studying until the last minute. I know a deadline may seem like it’s really far away but that night before a paper is due sneaks up on you a lot quicker than you expect.