Week seven already!!! I cannot believe that we are half way through this semester. It seems like I just started yesterday, but I guess that is what happens when every day is filled with classes, meetings, and homework. For me, the one thing missing out of that list is family. It is easy to put the ones you love on the back burner while you are wading through law school. That is why I think it is especially important to find time for your family. When I decided to go to law school, I sat down with my husband and my son and we made a group decision to come to Moscow. I know that it is hard for both of them because they are away from their friends and family, not to mention I spend a majority of my time at the school. This is why I try to make the most out of my “scheduled” free time. I schedule time with my son where he gets to decide what we do, and I always try to make time for my husband as well. It is so easy to get overwhelmed by the daily grind of law school that we forget about our support structure. Take time, or better, schedule time to spend with your family because you are not the only one who is sacrificing and working hard while in law school.