Hello potential Vandal! I’m Robert and I havethe great pleasure of welcoming you to Spring Semester 2014 at the University of Idaho College of Law. As a third year law student, I am quickly coming to terms with the fact that this will be my final semester at the University of Idaho College of law. In a short 18 weeks my colleagues and I will walk across a stage at graduation in front of our partners, friends, and families, throw up our hats, and emerge on the other side as a lawyer. This is an emotionally charged time that all law students must face.  It’s bittersweet in a way—there is anxiety of the ever looming bar exam juxtaposed with the satisfaction of the near completion of the three most difficult years in your educational career.  For me, the hardest part of walking across that stage and graduating from the College of Law is saying goodbye to a community that I call home and where I forged some of the best friendships of my life.  Leaving the College of Law is more than merely relocating to a new area, but saying goodbye to a wonderful town that I fell in love with while completing my baccalaureate and law degrees. After I leave Moscow, I will no longer be able to take a study break at the Moscow Ale House or walk downtown to One World Café amid the crunching amber fall leaves.  I will no longer wake up early Saturday mornings to go to the farmer’s market downtown, cut my own flowers at U-Pick Flowers, or rummage through vintage shops around the Palouse.  Focusing on completing school while balancing the reality that I will have to leave a community that I fell in love with might prove to be the most difficult part of my legal education. However, it’s not all sad.  In fact, Spring Semester at the College of Law is a great time to be a law student.  We always save the best events for spring!  There is the annual Idaho Law Review Symposium that attracts top scholars from across the country to Idaho to write on and discuss cutting-edge legal issues.  This year the focus of the symposium is the fostering of city resilience in an era of austerity.  There is the Barrister’s Ball, an annual formal dance and cocktail party.  Given the stresses of law school, it’s always fun to cut loose in style with your colleagues and professors.  Finally, and a personal favorite of mine, there is the OUTLaws’ annual drag show fundraiser and charity.  Nothing beats raising money for a good cause and watching your friends and professors lip-sync to Lady Gaga. If you come to University of Idaho College of Law, I know that you too will fall in love with the community and have a hard time saying goodbye to three of the best years of your education.