One of the best things about the University of Idaho, College of Law is the opportunities that are available for students during the summer. Roughly a year ago I consulted Professor Ramalingam about participating in an Externship. Not being from the area, I did not have any ties to the legal community other than what I had made through law school. Fortunately, Professor Ramalingam had an opportunity that was perfect for me, and all I had to do was apply through Symplicity.   After concluding my first year of law school, I began working for a Magistrate Judge in Nez Perce County.  This experience provided me with a series of important lessons that helped me in my second year in law school.  The most important lesson I learned was that lawyers who act with civility and class obtained far better results for their clients than lawyers who behave with a nasty disposition.  The Judge explained that when lawyers act nasty and distasteful toward opposing counsel they hurt their client because they stifle the possibility of the parties coming to a resolution outside the court room and they promote a hostile and uncooperative environment. He further explained that often, young attorneys confuse strongly advocating for their client with being nasty. To go along with this lesson he pointed out the behavior of local attorneys who appeared in the court regularly. He pointed out some who were so professional and even keeled, they never raised their voice in court, never participated in personal attacks, and always acted with courtesy and professionalism to opposing counsel, regardless of their circumstance. At the same time these attorneys also fought hard for their clients, often with very good results.  However, their advocacy did not come through a nasty disposition, but through a well crafted, intelligent argument, backed confidently with recent case law.  After this was pointed out to me, I began noticing it more and more throughout the summer.  After seeing the difference between attorneys who acted with civility and those who did not, I realized how important it is to always act with civility and professionalism, regardless of the circumstances.  Although there were a series of lessons that I learned over last summer, the lesson in professional conduct is one I will not likely forget. This, among so many other reasons, is why these summer opportunities are so invaluable for law students.