Law Student Ambassadors

Persistence and Dedication

Phew! A new year and a new semester is upon us. For the last week or so I’ve been hearing the same phrase over and over again: New year, new me. While this saying might provide inspiration for some and help them to accomplish those pesky resolutions, it isn’t going to be my motto as […]

The Honor of Law School

There have been many milestones in the path of law school so far and still more to come. I remember the work I put in to taking the LSAT. I remember the long hours filling out applications to law schools and providing all the correct transcripts and forms. There was great excitement with the acceptance […]


For those who want to become lawyers, those in law school, and those practicing law, life is full of questions. The one that I speak of and have encountered many times, prior to law school, in law school, and during an externship I had this past summer, is why. Why would you want to become […]