Law Student Ambassadors

From classroom to internship

It’s the summer! And although that means taking time to enjoy friends, family and the nice weather, it also means it’s time to put what I have been learning the last few years into practice. This summer I am working at an environmental non-profit in Boise that works to protect clean air, water, and open […]

Last week of the semester

Another semester down and we are getting ready for finals.  Papers, hopefully at this point, are long since done. There are no more reading assignments.  There are no more projects.  However, this does not mean there is no more work.  Actually, it means the opposite.  This is the time to perfect outlines, take practice tests, […]


For those who want to become lawyers, those in law school, and those practicing law, life is full of questions. The one that I speak of and have encountered many times, prior to law school, in law school, and during an externship I had this past summer, is why. Why would you want to become […]

The Best Faculty

This week sure made me appreciate the University of Idaho–College of Law faculty. Last week my dream agency began accepting applications, but were only accepting them for one week. Because this was the job of my dreams, I wanted everything to be perfect. Luckily I am at the University of Idaho–College of Law and between […]