I am sure that prior to law school many of you are/will be hearing and reading of all the challenges you will face when you walk into the doors on your first day of classes. However, I am here to tell you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Before you know it, the summer after your 1L year will be here, and you will then realize and greatly appreciate the vast amount of knowledge you were able to secure in just one year. At that time many of you will seek an internship where you can learn to apply some of your new found knowledge and analytical skills.

This is exactly what I did last summer when I worked for the Dallas County Public Defender's Office. During that internship I was able to utilize the knowledge and skills I developed during my first year. During this time I realized that I loved working in the legal field. This summer I have a limited license to practice, and am working for the Canyon County Public Defender's Office. With an even more developed legal mind, my passion for this line of work has risen and I could not picture myself doing ANYTHING else. This is where the "problem" arises.

I would love nothing more at this point in my life than to be done with school, take the bar (I will probably eat those words when I must actually study for the bar next summer) and work in the field that I have always known I would love. However, law school is a 3 year commitment and my ticket still has two semester left to punch. This is not, and does not have to be a bad thing. Although I am loving my summer position, I feel the need and urge to return to school and finish what I started. In fact, I am looking forward to it. Why? Because my goal, from a very young age, was and is to become an attorney. In order to reach that, graduating from the University of Idaho College of Law is a necessary and greatly anticipated step.

In the not so distant future and despite wanting a break from school during the semester, you too will be excited about a return to the college of law to see your law school family, and most importantly to finish the great journey you have embarked on. That time will come for you, just as it has come for me. :D