Before coming to law school, I taught preschool for children ages 2-4 years old. In getting them ready for kindergarten, I corralled the little ones into what may have looked like educational organized chaos. There were many of them and they got into everything. Needless to say they also spread germs like wildfire. If one got the flu, then everyone got the flu, and that was not excluding myself. The enclosed area with lots of children running around everyday became the ideal breeding ground for every germ imaginable.

In law school you may come up with the same germy problems. There are many of us in the building with each other every day, bringing our colds, flus, and constant sickies because we fear missing class and if we are sick, then so be it, everyone will be sick with us! This is where I have brought my experience of my preschool days to present. Be prepared! Staying healthy is key to getting through this uphill battle. Although I am not a doctor or nutritionist and I am not suggesting anyone follow my health regime, here are just a few things I do to keep myself healthy for the long haul:

1. Get plenty of sleep. However much sleep a person needs depends on the individual but just make sure you feel rested and not overworked.
2. Drink plenty of water. As soon as I wake up I make sure to drink at least 2 glasses of lemon water to get my day started. I continue throughout the day drinking an ample of water.
3. Take daily vitamins. Especially immune builders.
4. Probiotics! Although their health benefits have been known for years now, probiotics are all the rage these days. And they should be! Yogurt, kefir and kombucha are just a few ways to get all the benefits from these healthy bacteria.
5. Stay active. Whether it be going to a spin class or taking a walk outdoors, regular activity keeps your mind and body alert and on that healthy course.
6. When that occasional cold or sore throat arises, elderberry and citrus extract may help beat those pesky symptoms that may lead into becoming sicker.

The key is to just take care of yourself. Law school is tough and stressful and sometimes when we are experiencing the stress and panic we are at our most vulnerable to getting sick. You know you best, so be good to yourself, especially during the most stressful moments in life. This will make that uphill battle a little less steep.